Dr. Doug Karrow

Associate Professor (PhD), Department of Educational Studies

Available for Graduate Advisement

Hamilton, ON
Office: HAM9C
905 547 3555 x3614

  • EDUC 8Y28: Junior/Intermediate Science Methods
  • EDUC 8Y38: Primary/Junior Science Methods
  • EDUC 8Y15: Environmental/Outdoor Education
  • EDUC 8D09: Principles/Practices for Professional Certification
  • EDUC 5P92: Introduction to Education Research
  • EDUC 7P69: Research Proposal Colloquium
  • Environmental and Science Education
  • Place-based Education; Rural Education
  • History of Metaphysics and Epistemology
  • Research Methodologies
  • Empirical and philosophical inquiry
  • Environmental and sustainability education: teacher education, national and international perspectives
  • The application of Heideggerian philosophy to education—teaching, learning, and curriculum—with specific focus on metaphysics (ontology and epistemology), science education, environmental and sustainability education, curriculum theory, and pedagogical discourse
  • Research is empirically and philosophically oriented. Empirical research: case study, survey, interpretive research designs. Philosophical research: interpretive and descriptive brands of phenomenology.


Karrow, D. (2010). Educating-within-place: Recovering from Metaphysics as Technicity. Saarbruken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.

Book Chapters

Karrow, D., & Fazio, X. (in press). Educating-within-place: Enactments of care within citizen science for ecojustice. In D. J. Tippins, M. P. Mueller, M. van Eijck, J. D. Adams (Eds.), Cultural studies and environmentalism: The confluence of ecojustice, place-based (Science) education, and indigenous knowledge systems. Springer.

Refereed Journals

Karrow, D. (in press). Ecophenomenology as ecosophical education: The liminality of swamps. Trumpeter.

Karrow, D., Fazio, X. (2010). Viewpoint: NatureWatch, schools and environmental education practice. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, 10(2), 160-172.

Kentel, J., Karrow, D. (2009). (Ek)static educating: Educating-within-place and the ecological imagination. Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, 7(2), 6-29.