Dr. David Hutchison

Professor (PhD, PMP, MES, BEd), Department of Educational Studies
Director, Centre for Digital Humanities, Faculty of Humanities

Available for Graduate Advisement

Dr. David Hutchison, Faculty of Education, Brock University

St. Catharines, ON
Office: WH275
905 688 5550 x3354

David Hutchison, PhD, PMP is a Professor at Brock University where he is cross-appointed to the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Humanities. A 3M National Teaching Fellow, David is the Director of Brock’s Centre for Digital Humanities. He is the Editor of EduProject.org which focuses on project-based learning best practices in schools and universities.

  • Project-based learning
  • Computers in education
  • Game development
  • Place and environmental education
  • Classroom design
  • 3M National Teaching Fellow
  • Project Management Professional

Hutchison, David (2018). Scaffolding project management best practices through experiential learning in a large enrolment online course. Transformative Dialogs Journal.

Hutchison, David. (2017). Project-based Learning: A Project Management Approach. St. Catharines, Ontario: EduProject.org.

Hutchison, David. (2015). Project-based learning: Drawing on best practices in project management. Research into Practice. Ontario Association of Deans of Education.

Hutchison, David. (2014). Enhancing literacy skills through digital video production. In Booth, D. I’ve Got Something to Say!: How Student Voices Inform Our Teaching. Toronto: Pembroke Publishers, pp. 107-108.

Hutchison, David. (2012). The student filmmaker: Enhancing literacy skills through digital video production. Research into Practice. Ontario Association of Deans of Education.

Teaching and Learning Innovation Grant (2018) – Centre for Pedagogical Innovation, Brock University | $500

Digital Pedagogy Institute Grant (2017, 2016, and 2015) – Humanities Research Institute, Brock University | $1,500

Match of Minds (Inquiring Minds) Grant (2016) – Brock University | $4,500

Service Learning Course Development Grant (2016) – Brock University | $3,000

Professional Development Scholarship for Learning Education and Development (2015) – Project Management Educational Foundation | $2,480.30 U.S.

e-Learning Course Development Grant (2015) – Brock University | $14,000

Educational Developers Caucus Grant (2015) – Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education | $2,300

Digital Pedagogy and the Undergraduate Experience Grant (2015) – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council | $15,550 (a collaboration with the University of Toronto (lead) and Ryerson University)

Interactive Art and Design: Theory and Practice Learning Modules (2015) – Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities | $72,500 (a collaboration with York University (lead) and Ryerson University)

  • IASC 2P01: Foundations of Project Management
  • IASC 2P08: Competencies in Interactive Arts and Science