Dr. Francine Menashy

Associate Professor (PhD)

Francine Menashy

Office: WH281
905 688 5550 x6484

Francine Menashy’s research explores power hierarchies within global educational governance, leadership, and policy; and education in emergency contexts. She has served as an advisor to several global civil society organizations, UN agencies, and international financial institutions. Dr. Menashy is co-editor of the journal Comparative Education Review and is the author of International Aid to Education: Power Dynamics in an Era of Partnership, published by Teachers College Press

  • Global education policy
  • Global governance and leadership of education
  • Education in emergencies
  • Power dynamics in education policy-making
  • Private sector engagement in education
  • Comparative and International Education Society
  • Comparative and International Education Society of Canada
  • American Educational Research Association

Menashy, F. & Z. Zakharia (2020) Private engagement in refugee education and the promise of digital humanitarianism. Oxford Review of Education. 46(3), 313-330.

Zakharia, Z. & F. Menashy (2020) The emerging role of corporate actors as policymakers in education in emergencies: Evidence from the Syria refugee crisis. Journal on Education in Emergencies. 5(2), 40-70.

Menashy, F. (2019) International Aid to Education: Power Dynamics in an Era of Partnership. New York: Columbia University, Teachers College Press.

Menashy, F. & A. Verger (Eds.) (2019) Network Analysis, Education Policy, and International Development. Special Issue of the International Journal of Educational Development. 64.

Menashy, F. (2018) Multi-stakeholder aid to education: Power in the context of partnership. Globalisation, Societies and Education. 16(1), 13-26.

Menashy, F. (2017) The limits of multi-stakeholder governance: The case of the Global Partnership for Education and private schooling.  Comparative Education Review. 61(2), 240-268.

Menashy, F. & R. Shields (2017) Unequal partners? Networks, centrality, and aid to international education. Comparative Education. 53(4), 495-517.

  • “In the wake of a pandemic: international organizations and educational change in four countries, post-COVID-19” Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Insight Grant, Co-Investigator
  • “Promising partnership models for education in emergencies: A global-local analysis” Dubai Cares E-Cubed Research Grant, Principal Investigator
  • “The business of schooling in conflict: A mapping and analysis of private participation in the education of Syrian refugees” Education International Global Response Research Grant, Principal Investigator
  • EDUC7P21 – Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • EDUC5P72 – Effecting Change in Education