Brock Maker Challenge

Third Annual Brock School Maker: Design/Build Challenge 2019 (NEW DEADLINE: Jan. 31, 2019)

A Celebration of Indigenous Culture, Community and Technological Ways of Knowing

Indigenous individuals and communities across Ontario are on the cutting-edge of industry and innovation. Indigenous peoples are actively involved in green industries, communications, construction, transportation, hospitality, manufacturing, tech design, hairstyling and aesthetics, computer technology and health care. Some draw on traditional techniques and the arts, while others use the sciences and advanced technologies to make their mark in the modern world.

The 2019 Brock School Maker Design/Build Challenge invites Ontario secondary school Broad-Based Technology (BBT) classes to research and develop a Design Project that celebrates Indigenous skills in construction, art and design, culture, transportation, horticulture or technological ways of knowing.  Brock’s Faculty of Education and the Tecumseh Centre invite Ontario secondary school Broad-Based Technology classes to:

  • Participate in a real-world BBT challenge
  • Showcase your school’s design and build skills
  • Celebrate Ontario’s Indigenous Culture, Community and Technological Ways of Knowing that impact modern society
  • Design a BBT project that could win your school an entrepreneurship prize of $1500
  • Earn $3000 to build your winning design project

The winning Design Project will be selected in February or March of 2019 at a Design Showcase event to be held in Brock University’s Faculty of Education St. Catharines campus. The winning design team will earn a $1500 prize for their school and will be offered a contract to build the winning design by September 2019. A budget of $3000 will be provided to the winning school team to complete the design/build project.

The winning prototype entry will be highlighted on Brock University websites, news articles in Brock News, and social media. The winning prototype entry will be displayed in the Faculty of Education. The winning team will be invited to build their design by September of 2019.

About the Tecumseh Centre

The Tecumseh Centre for Aboriginal Research and Education at Brock University connects Aboriginal and mainstream scholars, researchers, post-doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students to Aboriginal peoples and communities in a culturally appropriate manner in an effort to further the understanding of the complex educational, health, socio-economic and socio-cultural realities of Aboriginal peoples, and to create new and innovative educational programming that promotes and encourages the transformation of those same realities.

The Brock School Maker Challenge 2018 is open to all Ontario high school students enrolled in broad-based technology classes, challenging them to research, design and build a project that celebrates the contributions of Ontario’s Indigenous peoples to Ontario culture, community and technological ways of knowing.

School Teams can consist of up to 10 students representing various tech areas and 2 tech teachers as supervisors, mentors and coaches.

  • Design requirements: A visual representation (video, PowerPoint, photography or a model) of the design proposal is required along with a two to three-page written explanation of the proposal’s research methods and connection to Indigenous Culture, Community and Technological Ways of Knowing. Teams should reference the resources consulted.
  • Teams are encouraged to consult with local Indigenous communities, elders, and individual professionals while developing their design.
  • Materials: Materials considered in the design should be environmentally-friendly and fall within a final build budget of $3000.00. Creativity and imagination will be required to focus the design project on the theme of “Celebration of Indigenous Culture, Community and Technological Ways of Knowing” while keeping the build within budget considerations.
  • For communication or computer classes – create a Request a Story app that would connect someone calling in to a recorded reading of an Indigenous Creation story or legend.
  • For construction classes – research and re-create the construction of an Indigenous transportation, housing or musical instrument that could be used in innovative ways today
  • For culinary or hospitality classes – research and develop a menu inspired by traditional Indigenous cooking techniques and ingredients for contemporary consumption
  • For hairstyling and aesthetics classes – research and demonstrate the appropriate technique for braiding, as well as explaining its historical and contemporary importance and significance to Indigenous peoples
  • For horticulture classes – design and plan a garden that celebrates Indigenous culture, connection to the environment and technologies
  • For all Broad-Based Technology classes – research and design other possible projects that expand on the theme of celebrating Indigenous culture, community and technological ways of knowing that impact life and society in the 21st
  • Enter by: Jan. 31, 2019 (NEW DEADLINE)
  • Submit a “Project Action Update” by: Jan. 31, 2019
  • Have a completed “Prototype/Model or Design Blueprint” accompanied by a two or three-page rationale for the project linking it to the competition’s theme by: February 15, 2019
  • Prepare a prototype for presentation – video, sketches, photographs or storyboard presentation for judging in late February 2019 or March 2019 (final date TBA) at the Project Showcase in the Faculty of Education, Tecumseh Centre atrium of Brock University’s St. Catharines Campus

Registration for the Brock School Maker Challenge 2019 requires schools to complete the Brock Maker Challenge 2019 Registration Form.

The deadline for Registration is Dec. 18, 2018.

The final judging for the 2019 Brock School Design/Build Maker Challenge will take place at a Design Showcase to be held in February or March of 2019 at the St. Catharines campus of Brock University. The winning design will be chosen by representatives of the Tecumseh Centre, Brock University’s Faculty of Education and local Indigenous community representatives.

The Brock School Design/Build Maker Challenge 2019 stresses team-work, cooperation, resourcefulness and a recognition of the importance and centrality of Indigenous peoples and culture to Ontario and Ontarians.

The Brock School Maker Challenge is a form of Active Project Based Learning that challenges students to research, design and complete a real-world project that will be used in the community and that has both practical and learning elements at its core.

The Challenge provides technological education teachers and students the opportunity to demonstrate their creative abilities and technology skills in a real-world design-and-build competition.

Along with an authentic entrepreneurial focus the Challenge provides participants with an opportunity to build their resumes for post-graduation job or apprenticeship applications and it demonstrates to the community the benefits of broad-based technological education in our schools.

If you have questions about eligibility, the registration process or the Maker Competition generally, please address your enquiries to the Brock Maker Challenge Project Manager: Dr. Tony Di Petta phone 905 688 5550 x4729 or email