(Online) Math Ed Seminar Series @ Brock

Computer Programming in Mathematics Education: Some Results from a Literature Review and an International Scan

Thursday 4 March 2021 @ 12:00
Location: https://call.lifesizecloud.com/7273386

Dr. Laura Broley, Post-Doctoral Fellow
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Brock University

Abstract: A recently conducted scan of the place of computer programming in curricula around the worldconfirms the international move towards its integration into K-12 education and highlights the variety ofapproaches taken so far: e.g., integrating programming as part of a subject to study on its own, as an element ofa particular subject, or as a cross-curricular competency. In this talk, we place Ontario’s curriculum within thisinternational context, through its integration of coding in elementary mathematics that began in September 2020.Based on a literature review, we consider various perspectives that might explain this integration: from the mostrecent trends in “Computational Thinking” or “Digital Literacy,” to Seymour Papert’s pioneering work from the80s, which showed how programming could be a source of power to learn, do, and think about mathematics.Interestingly, it turns out that Brock Department of Mathematics and Statistics’ 20-year implementation of MICAcourses aligns with the latter. To complement the theories, we also synthesize some concrete ways in whichK-12 teachers might bring the power of programming to their students.

All undergraduate (including teacher candidates) students, graduate students, and faculty, from theDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics and the Faculty of Education are welcome!

For information, contact: Chantal Buteau: cbuteau@brocku.ca or Steven Khan: skhan6@brocku.ca