Optical Properties of Common Minerals

Select one of the minerals listed below to get a summary of the optical data and view representative plane light and crossed polar images. The minerals listed below are those which are introduced in ERSC 2P22 - Optical Mineralogy and 3P21 - Petrology and Petrography at Brock.

Actinolite-tremolite Andalusite Apatite
Biotite Calcite Chlorite
Clinopyroxene Cordierite Epidote
Fluorite Garnet Hornblende
Kyanite Microcline Muscovite
Nepheline Olivine Orthoclase
Orthopyroxene Plagioclase Quartz
Sanidine Sillimanite Sphene (Titanite)
Staurolite Tourmaline Zircon

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