Fax Lines

Code Number Description
CJD 122E905-378-5724Heart Institute
CRN 318905-641-2509Child and Youth Studies
CUB905-688-6894Facilities Management
DEC R211905-688-0797Residences
EA 300905-688-6658Nursing, Department of
GLN 142905-688-4461English Language and Literature
GLN 263905-688-0625Philosophy
GLN-B 309905-984-4859Classics
GLN_A 207905-984-4849History
GSB 236905-688-9779Accounting, Department of (Academic)
GSB 313905-688-2593Business, Dean's Office
GSB 341905-688-4286Graduate Programs, Business
GSB 418905-641-8068Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources, Entrepreneurial & Ethics
GSB 475U905-378-5723Finance, Operations & Information Systems, Dept. of (Academic)
HAM905-547-9500Pre-Service, Education, Faculty of (Hamilton)
HH905-688-6448Student Health Services
IH 206905-688-3104Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute
KC905-688-6402Campus Security Services
LOW 106905-984-4867Residences (Village)
MC A240905-641-8140Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
MC A310905-984-4848Dean, Humanities, Faculty of
MC A329905-688-0529Business Career Development Office
MC B210905-984-4857Physics
MC B326905-688-6922Psychology
MC C302905-984-4845Aboriginal Student Services
MC C418905-378-5718Tourism Management
MC D250905-688-0748Office of Research Services
MC D255905-378-5705Graduate Studies, Dean's Office
MC D321905-378-5738Marketing and Communications
MC D402905-688-8256Brock University Faculty Association
MC D450F905-688-2360Applied Linguistics
MC F234905-688-1855Biological Sciences
MC G204905-984-4858Custodial and Ground Services
MC G207905-682-9020Central Shipping and Receiving
MC G210905-641-8186Printing Services
MC H311905-984-4841Hudlicky/TDC Research
MC J314905-688-3255Computer Science
MC J415905-378-5713Mathematics
MCA 336905-688-0631Co-op, Career & Experiential Eucation
MCE 304905-984-4864M&S Stores
MWS 328905-378-5712Visual Arts
PLZ905-685-1472Campus Store
PLZ 332905-988-9388Political Science
PLZ 451905-688-6388Economics
PLZ 515A905-984-4847Leave The Pack Behind
RBC905-984-4848Rosalind Blauer Day Care Centre
RH905-682-4733Rodman Hall
SBH 324905-641-5076Dean, Social Sciences
SC905-984-4860Brock University Students' Union
SH905-378-5702Parking Services
ST 1107905-688-9754University Secretariat
ST 1119905-984-4865Library
ST 119905-688-7044Career Services
ST 1200905-984-4844Procurement Services
ST 1220905-688-8481Human Resources and Environment, Health and Safety
ST 1270905-984-4844Financial and Administrative Services
ST 13th Floor905-684-2277Office of the VP, Academic
ST 214905-378-5711Library
ST 301905-988-5488Registrar's Office
ST 400905-688-7260Student Development Centre
ST 402905-688-3051Student Awards and Financial Aid
ST 5th Floor905-988-5490Library
STH 357905-984-4843Recreation and Leisure Studies
STH 400A905-688-8337Sociology
STH 400B905-378-5733Social Justice and Equity Studies
STH 455905-688-4505Sport Management
TH 146K905-378-5719Centre for Applied Disability Studies
THe 261905-688-4283Recruitment and Liaison Services
THe 265905-641-5216Development and Alumni
THn 252905-684-2489Scotiabank
VAL 200905-688-2110Student Life and Community Experience
WC 213C905-688-0541Athletics, Department of
WC 277905-688-8364Kinesiology
WC 287905-984-4851Applied Health Sciences, Dean's Office
WH 222905-685-4131Education, Dean's Office
WH 8A905-685-4131Concurrent Education Programs