Meal Plans 2020-21

November 2020 update: Residence Dining update for Fall and Winter Terms 2020

Dining Facilities:

The Guernsey Market will be the dining facility for those students residing in Residence (Village and Quarry View) for both the Fall and Winter Terms. Offering take-out meal service, Monday to Friday as well as a variety of meals to go options that can be purchased for weekends.  See hours.

The Guernsey Market will also be available to those students, faculty and staff members on-site. Maintaining Government and Public Health recommendations around public safety, seating is currently available for townhouse residence students only.  When dining in the seating area all safety protocols are posted and must always be followed. (Please continue to monitor this page for further updates as we continue to work with Public Health on best practices).

On campus residence students have been assigned to townhouses and/or suite-style accommodations, they will have kitchen facilities with a small kitchenette to allow for seated meals and to cook for themselves. Depending on conditions related to COVID-19 and any changes or updates through Public Health and University officials, hours of operation and service style may differ through-out the semester(s).

Hours of Operations for Fall Term:

Monday to Thursday 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Friday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Meal Plan Assignments for Residence Students Fall and Winter Terms 2020:

All students living in Village Residence & Quarry View Residence will automatically be assigned a modified, 5-Day All Access meal plan. This meal plan has been modified to a Declining Cash Balance (DCB) meal plan, to ensure that you are able to have sufficient funds to purchase meals plus snacks, five days a week, over the 32-week school year in the Market.

Please see the chart below, which outlines the structure of the modified, 5-Day DCB Meal Plan for both Fall and Winter terms for the 2020-2021 academic school year.

** Please note**: Any unspent Dining Dollars from your modified DCB meal plan will carry over as Dining Dollars on your Brock Card, while you are a student at Brock, and can be used at all Brock Dining Services locations on campus. Should you leave Brock, any unused meal plan/dining dollars become non-refundable and non-transferable. For a list of all meal plans available, under regular operations, please see below.

Dietary inquires can be emailed directly to Nick Paulino, Executive Chef at

Modified, 5-Day DCB All Access Meal Plan for Fall/ Winter 2020-2021
Residential PlanFall Term 2020Winter Term 20212020-2021 Yearly Total
Meals per week/blockpay as you gopay as you gopay as you go
Guest passes/year000
Meal Plan$0$0$0
Dining Dollars$2,025$2,425$4,450
Flex Dollars$150$50$200
Brock CI Fund$150$75 (January Arrivals only)$150
Total Meal Plan Price$2,325$2,550$4,800

Prices listed above are for the modified, 2020-2021 academic year and are subject to HST exemptions as set up by Revenue Canada guidelines. Residence students on mandatory meal plans will not incur tax for qualifying, on-campus food purchases. The price of meal plans includes $150 that is allocated to the Brock University Capital Infrastructure and Sustainability Fund for Dining Services.

Modified, 5-Day All Access Meal Plan Frequently Asked Questions

DCB works as a declining cash balance. A dollar value equivalent to the number of meal swipes required for the 32-week school year will be loaded onto your Dining Dollars account on your Brock Card and will be used in the same manner as a prepaid gift card. Each time you make a purchase at the Market, the value of your purchase will be deducted from your overall balance. Any unspent Dining Dollars will carry forward into the subsequent years, as long as there is a balance and you are a Brock student. Please note that all purchases made with your Dining Dollars are subject to applicable taxes and should you depart from Brock, any unused Dining Dollars/Meal Plan become non-refundable and non-transferable.

Just as it sounds, flexible dollars loaded onto your Flex Dollars account on your Brock Card. Flex Dollars are available to be used at the Market, laundry facilities and vending machines on campus, and at the Campus Store, Parking Services, for Printing in both the library and Computer Commons and participating outlets within the Union Station should they be operational in the Fall Semester. Any unspent Flex Dollars will carry forward into the Winter Term and subsequent years, as long as there is a balance and you are a Brock student. Please note that all purchases made with your Flex Dollars are subject to applicable taxes and should you depart from Brock, any unused Flex Dollars are fully refundable, minus a $25 administrative fee.