Faculty of Mathematics and Science

With programs ranging from biochemistry and computer science, to earth and planetary sciences and beyond, students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science (FMS) can choose from a wide variety of programs taught by passionate academics. Through research, discovery, dissemination and community engagement, our students enhance their own scientific awareness, become responsible citizens and learn to apply their knowledge to solve key problems we face today and in the future.

From the dean

“Through research, teaching and intellectual engagement, we strive to instill in our students a scientific mindset and a lasting fascination for the world around us. These are the best tools with which to face a rapidly changing world and contribute in meaningful ways to its betterment. When students consider themselves scientists upon graduation, we have done our job well.”

Peter Berg

Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Emerging Priorities

  • Enhancing and renewing scientific research tools, instruments and equipment that will allow the Faculty of Mathematics and Science to boost its research capacity.
  • Partnering with visionary donors to support students and create an outstanding environment for teaching and research.
  • Enhancing the profile of the Faculty by engaging the public in numerous scientific events.