Faculty of Mathematics and Science

With programs ranging from biochemistry and computer science, to oenology and viticulture and beyond, students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science (FMS) are able to choose from a wide variety of programs, taught by industry experts. Through research, discovery and community engagement, our students enhance their own scientific awareness, become responsible citizens, and learn to apply their knowledge to solve problems toward a better world.

From the dean

Syed Ejaz Ahmed- Dean, Faculty of Math & Science and Professor of Statistics at Brock University

“We see our students as an investment in the future. By fostering dynamic experiential learning and research opportunities, our dedicated faculty and staff aim to inspire and develop a new generation of enlightened scientists, mathematicians and scientific leaders.”

S. Ejaz Ahmed

Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Emerging Priorities

Endowed Chairs

Endowed chairs create multiple wide-reaching benefits across the University including helping us recruit and retain the highest-quality faculty and research talent, which in turn attracts the brightest student minds to Brock University. Having endowed faculty in Brock’s FMS allow students to learn from and work with leading scholars in their field, providing unique and transformational educational experiences. Supporting the creation of additional endowed chairs allows the faculty appointed to pursue research and make discoveries that otherwise may not be possible.

Brock is currently looking to support endowed chairs for the FMS in the fields of:

  1. Data Sciences
  2. Oenology and Viticulture (OEVI)
  3. Engineering