Faculty of Humanities

With critical thinking at its core, the Faculty of Humanities (FOH) provides a supportive environment for the study of human experience in all its diversity. With programs ranging from Classics and Philosophy to Dramatic and Visual Arts, students in Brock’s FOH focus on cultural expression, community, performance, creativity, and reflection to learn what makes us human, and how to become a better human in the process.

From the dean

Carol Merriam Dean, Faculty of Humanities at Brock University

“The Humanities are the disciplines that involve looking at and valuing individual human beings in the larger contexts of events. Studying the Humanities at Brock means developing skills in argumentation and communication, in researching and finding both facts and truth, providing students with a world of opportunity. As teachers, researchers, and creators, we work to tell, share, and value our stories, everyone’s stories, and it’s really the stories that matter in the end.”

Carol Merriam

Dean, Faculty of Humanities

Emerging Priorities

Digital History Learning Lab

Brock’s one-of-a-kind Digital History Learning Lab combines the emerging domains of history and humanities with computing and is devoted to the development of Augmented Reality (AR) to preserve digital heritage. The lab presents the opportunity to generate life-size replicas of historic environments and displaying them in an open field with representations ranging from ancient Rome to 18th century Paris to 19th century Ottawa. While the capability of this unique lab is nearly endless, support is needed to fund experienced lab coordinators, such as FOH graduate students, to assist with planning, coordinating and daily operations of the labour-intensive lab.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Experiential education engages students in first-hand experiences in order to develop skills, clarify values, contribute to local and global communities and make learning come alive. At the FOH, we build these experiences into our courses. By investing in expanding these opportunities for our students, the Faculty’s offerings will remain unique and competitive.

Student Support

The FOH recognizes the challenges with accessibility and retention to graduation that Indigenous, Black and People of Colour, as well as First Generation students may face. Supporting underrepresented students through new scholarships and bursaries will enhance our ability to provide an academic experience that is accessible and inclusive and offers a world of possibility to graduates from all backgrounds.