Faculty of Education

With programs ranging from minors and certificates to graduate degrees, Brock’s Faculty of Education (FOE) equips students to support learning from early childhood through to adulthood. Teachings within the Faculty are grounded in research and proven in practice, providing students the skills required to have maximum impact on the lives of the students and communities they serve after graduation.

From the dean

Michael Owen, Dean and professor, Faculty of Education at Brock University

“With more than 30,000 graduates, Brock’s Faculty of Education is committed to ensuring that future educators have the knowledge, aptitudes, skills and motivation to be Ontario’s and Canada’s best teachers and educational leaders. We ensure that our teacher graduates meet the standards of our professions, they are committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion across all learning and teaching environments.”

Michael Owen

Dean, Faculty of Education

Emerging Priorities

Burlington Campus

As Brock prepares to relocate its satellite campus, used primarily for teacher education, support is needed to create a more accessible and innovative teaching location for students in and around the Burlington area. The goal of the relocation is to better serve the community and to prepare student teachers for the 21st century classrooms by teaching them in one. Educating our teachers with the latest educational technologies and moving from dusty chalkboards to smartboards, scribblers to iPads, and more during their time as a student at the Burlington campus will leave them better prepared to enter classrooms of tomorrow as a teacher.

Student Support

The Faculty of Education recognizes the value of having a diverse background of cultures and identities represented in its students, faculty and staff. We also recognize the challenges with accessibility and retention to graduation that Indigenous, Black and People of Colour, as well as First Generation students may face. Supporting underrepresented students through new scholarships and bursaries will allow for diversity and equity in the Faculty, but more importantly, teaching in the classrooms of future generations.

Chair for Teaching Excellence

By supporting the development of a Chair for Teaching Excellence, faculty and students of the FOE would benefit from advancements of research in learning and teaching, with a focus on timely Teacher Education (e.g. Indigenous knowledge, mental health, educational technology, etc).