Annual giving

At Brock University, annual and monthly giving forms the foundation of philanthropic support at the institution.

Stemming from a community’s dream for a brighter future, Brock has grown as a result of the generosity that our alumni and community members have shown throughout the years.

Brock’s Annual Giving Program seeks to support the ideologies of the past and helps to form the foundation of the university’s philanthropic support.

Throughout the year, you will hear from us about how you can make a difference for the Badgers of today and tomorrow.

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What does the Annual Giving Program support?

Did you know?

For every $100 that our donors give to the Student Wellness Fund, one student can be supported with an hour of one-on-one counselling services with a qualified mental health provider.

Every gift to the Aboriginal Student Services Emergency Fund helps to alleviate the travel expenses a student might incur as they return home for a family emergency.

Direct your gift to a fund that aligns with your interests and giving priorities.

Brock’s Annual Giving Program supports all of the university’s fundraising initiatives and remains committed to ensuring Brock students have access to the resources they need to thrive in today’s environment.

Nearly every aspect of your University experience has been touched by the generosity of a Brock donor and graduate. From the halls you walked through, the classrooms you learned in, to the study spaces, benches, facilities, and equipment you used (and so much more), a donor helped make these opportunities possible.

To this day, our graduates continue to give back to their alma mater through the donation of their time and money in the form of annual and monthly gifts. Thank you for joining them in creating an enhanced student experience for future Badgers.

The Brock University campus surrounded by the trees of the Niagara escarpment in Fall colours of red, orange and green.
Four students sitting at a table in the Rankin Family Pavilion enjoy a relaxing conversation.

Meet our Callers

The Annual Giving Program has a group of dedicated students that are passionate about making a difference. Each year, they call members of the Brock community to share updates about various events, volunteer opportunities and initiatives that need support.

When you answer a call, you give a student the opportunity to speak with someone they can learn from. Many of our students are excited to speak with graduates of the University to see where their unique career paths and life experiences have taken them since Convocation.

Meet some of the wonderful students that help the Annual Giving Program give back to current students.

Badger Perks

Brock University alumni and staff are entitled to a growing list of quality benefits and services including competitive rates on insurance plans, access to high-interest savings and mortgage options and more through our various affinity partners.

Alex-Stoikos, Teaching Assistant at Brock University

Meet Alex.

Year of studies: 1

Program: Master of Arts in Sport Management

Interests: Outside of school and work I enjoy being active and reading. I participate in a variety of athletic activities such as lacrosse, rock climbing, hockey and European handball. Whenever I am not reading research, I read athlete autobiographies and business books for pleasure. Hanging out with friends is also something I enjoy doing with my free time.

“I began working at the Annual Giving office as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and do something I have never done before; ask strangers for money. It was also a chance to work with friends I played on the lacrosse team with.

I enjoy working in the Annual Giving office because of the environment. As co-workers, we work physically close together and are therefore able to know each other on a more personal level. Another reason I enjoy working in Annual Giving is because I get to speak to alumni of all ages and hear how about their Brock University experiences.

Favourite moment: My favourite moment was when I was on a shift with three other lacrosse teammates. We all sat side by side keeping the tone relaxed, but professional. It was interesting being in a work setting with those I am usually playing sports with.