Brock launches Canada’s first accelerated concurrent Nursing program

For more than two decades, Brock University has been educating future health-care workers through its renowned Nursing program.

With demand soaring, Brock Nursing has taken two significant steps forward in 2022 — launching a first-of-its-kind concurrent Bachelor of Nursing/Master of Nursing (BN/MN) program, while also greatly expanding the capacity for its popular undergraduate program.

“We have grown exponentially this year,” says Department of Nursing Chair Karyn Taplay. “Everyone connected to our program stepped up immensely to help make this year of transition a success; all are to be congratulated.”

The concurrent BN/MN degree in Nursing is an innovative, course-based program designed to provide students with a high-quality alternative entry to practice that includes a hands-on and theoretical approach.

The 20-month expedited program offers students both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Nursing. Graduates of the program are also eligible to write the NCLEX-RN registration exam.

Shortly after that program held its first classes in early May, the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences also announced it was increasing undergraduate intake from 80 to 180 students starting this fall. The increase in enrolment led to the addition of 11 full- and part-time faculty and staff positions, as well as 23 part-time clinical instructors to help teach students.

“The important contributions and leadership Brock Nursing students and graduates provide to the health of citizens in Niagara, the Province of Ontario and beyond, help to address systemic gaps and improve quality of care for patients,” says Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Dean Peter Tiidus. “More broadly, the growth of our Nursing program and the learning opportunities we provide enables our graduates to embark on career paths that respond to the changing health needs of Canadians.”

To accommodate the rapid growth of Brock’s Nursing program, a third Nursing simulation lab was recently constructed.

“Brock’s Nursing simulation labs are safe learning environments that allow students to learn to proficiently care for their patients,” Taplay says. “Practising in the lab prepares students to learn basic skills they will use with every patient on every shift.

“They also become skilled in high stakes, low frequency events they may not encounter during their academic career.”

While the official opening of the third Nursing lab will not take place until September, the space is already being used by that first cohort of BN/MN degree in Nursing students.

“The expansion of Brock’s nationally recognized Nursing program responds to the growing need for health-care professionals,” said Interim University President Lynn Wells. “Brock is proud to support the health-care system in Niagara and beyond with our talented faculty educating future nurses in modern on-campus learning spaces.”

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