AI Essentials

AI Essentials

Are you curious about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it works? Do you want to explore the ethical and social implications of AI and how to use it responsibly? 

AI Essentials is a 6-week blended online micro-credential that will introduce you to the basics of AI in a simple and engaging way. You will learn what AI is, how it works, and why it matters. You will explore the ethical and social aspects of AI, such as risks and benefits, impact on society, industry, and science, as well as problems arising from bias and misuse. Throughout the course, you will get hands-on experience with various AI tools and applications that you can use in your personal and professional lives.

This blended micro-credential includes both asynchronous and synchronous learning components. Throughout the course, learners will progress through online modules, completing various tasks and activities at their own pace by module due dates. Additionally, there will be a scheduled synchronous learning time that will involve real-time interaction between instructors and learners weekly during the 6-week  micro-credential.

Program Information

What you’ll learn studying AI Essentials:

  • Define AI and its key concepts and terminology 
  • Identify main branches and methods of AI 
  • Evaluate the successes and limitations of AI in various domains and scenarios 
  • Understand the ethical and social implications of AI 
  • Apply the principles of responsible AI engagement 
  • Use various AI tools and applications 

AI Essentials for:

  • Professionals who have limited knowledge of AI but are interested in learning about tools and their applications, both for personal and professional use. 

Key Focus Areas:

  • Introductory course on AI basics 
  • History and evolution of AI 
  • Demystifying AI from a usage and ethical perspective 
  • Ethical ramifications including risks and safety 
  • Modern application of AI (LLMs) 
  • Responsible AI engagement 
  • Bias and misuse 
  • Impact on society, industry, and science 
  • Hands-on learning with various AI tools and applications 

Recommended Textbook  

  • Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction (Tom Taulli)


  • None


  • General computer and technology use abilities
  • Working laptop with high-speed internet access

To successfully complete your program, you will need to complete all the components outlined in your course. Your progress will be continuously evaluated using a variety of formative and/or summative assessments to receive a final mark. Information about these assessment methods will be provided in the Learning Management System on the first day of the program. 

Intake Details

This micro-credential is offered online with synchronous and asynchronous learning components. There are two hours of synchronous learning each week where attendance is required. Please see the registration page for full course schedule.

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Course DetailCourse Info
Course CodePCSL 9N58
Date of Next StartMay 27, 2024
OSAP EligibleNo
Delivery ModeONM - Blended
Duration6 weeks
Intake DetailsNext and more intake info
Scheduled Class Time(s)Wed 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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