Full Stack Web and App Development

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Full Stack Web and App Development

Complete your very own multi-platform application and data-driven website, as you master both front-end and back-end design. With Full Stack programming skills, you will make your web and app development dream your financial reality and career catalyst!

This Professional Certificate equips learners with the skills to create websites or apps through an interactive process, ensuring comprehensive understanding and practical application of web creation. Learners will engage in coding, gaining expertise to build their mobile applications or websites. The professional certificate, focusing on Full Stack Web and App Development, guides learners through conceptualization, design, development, and launch. Learners will learn to build mobile apps and web-based applications, considering frameworks and usability across platforms. The Professional Certificate concludes with a Capstone project, where learning participants will publish their app or deploy web-based applications on suitable platforms.

This Full Stack Development Professional Certificate is offered in full-time and part-time options. Availability of all delivery options is available through registration.

Program Information

What you’ll learn studying Full Stack Web and App Development:

  • Create user interfaces using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Design the server side of an application
  • Demonstrate competency in using the Git version control system
  • Design the application as single page application using Angular
  • Create cross platform mobile applications using the Ionic framework
  • Understand how apps are deployed and sold via Google Play and the Apple App store
  • Complete a capstone project that demonstrates proficiency in developing a real mobile application and publish it on a suitable platform
  • How to use front end and back end technologies

Full Stack Web and App Development for:

Aspiring web developers and coders who want to design, build and manage websites as an independent web developer or as part of a team. This program will benefit you if you are looking for a career in:

  • Digital media design development
  • Full stack developer
  • Website developer
  • Web marketing analyst
  • Web programmer
  • UX/UI designer

Required components

Module 1: Web Development Basics 1

Module 2: Web Development Basics 2

Module 3: Back End Development

Module 4: Single Page Application 1

Module 5: Single Page Application 2

Module 6: Cross Platform Application using Ionic 1

Module 7: Cross Platform Application using Ionic 2

Module 8: App Commercialization

Module 9: Portfolio Builder

Module 10: Learn to Earn

This course is graded on a pass/fail basis. Evaluation is dependent on completing course activities and the final capstone project.  Attendance in the live sessions is mandatory.


  • No prerequisites required


  • Working laptop with high-speed internet access


  • No additional materials or texts required

To successfully complete your program, you will need to complete all the components outlined in your course. Your progress will be continuously evaluated using a variety of formative and/or summative assessments to receive a final mark. Information about these assessment methods will be provided in the Learning Management System on the first day of the program. 

Intake Details

Full Time Full Stack Development takes place over 11 consecutive weeks with 18 hours of synchronous online learning and 7 hours of asynchronous learning.  No classes will run on statutory holidays. All lectures and tutorials are mandatory.

Lectures: Monday through Friday – 2 hours
Tutorials: Monday through Thursday – 4 hours

For exact times and dates classes for upcoming intake(s), please visit registration.

Part Time Full Stack Development typically takes place over 22 consecutive weeks with a total of 13 hours of synchronous learning and 12 hours of self-study. All synchronous learning is mandatory.

Lectures: Monday through Friday – 1 hour
Tutorials: Monday through Thursday – 2 hours

For exact times and dates classes for upcoming intake(s), please visit registration.

This Professional Certificate is in partnership with RoboGarden

Course DetailCourse Info
Course CodePCSL 9N43
Date of Next StartApr 29, 2024
OSAP EligibleNo
Delivery ModeONM - Blended
DurationFull Time: 11 weeks, Part Time: 22 weeks
FrequencyMon - Fri
Intake DetailsNext and more intake info
Scheduled Class Time(s)See registration


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