Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re new to Continuing Education at Brock or you are a returning learning, you may have questions about our programming, registration process. Here you will find solutions to many of the most frequently asked queries.

Continuing Education Q&A

Brock University Professional and Continuing Studies follows the Non-Credit Recognition Framework that has been approved by the Non-Credit Advisory Committee at the university. The below framework is intended to reduce confusion about non-credit programming at Brock, and allows learners, employers and other stakeholders to feel confident in the level of rigor applied to each credential.

Learning TypeDefinitionCredential Awarded
Workshop A short learning session intended for professional development or personal growth with no summative assessment required. Certificate of Participation
Course A short learning course intended for professional development tied to a skill or competency with an assessment of that skill/ knowledge before a credential is awarded. Badge
Micro-credential A series of courses or modules that are built around specific skills, knowledge, and competencies. An assessment of the knowledge and/or skills and competencies will be required for the credential to be awarded. Micro-credential
Professional Micro-certificateA series of micro-credentials that are built around a specific subject in which a collection of skills, knowledge and competencies have been demonstrated. A credential will be awarded for successful completion of all required micro-credentials. Professional Micro-certificate
Professional CertificateA larger series of micro-credentials that are built around a subject in which a collection of skills, knowledge and competencies have been demonstrated. A credential will be awarded for successful completion of all required micro-credentials. Professional Certificate
ASY – ASYNCHRONOUS ONLINEA fully asynchronous online course does not require real-time communications. Asynchronous online courses do not have the required on-campus components, including assessments. The course will have a set start and finish date and set due dates for assignments and assessments.
ASP - SELF-PACED ASYNCHRONOUS ONLINESelf-paced courses are entirely online and asynchronous, meaning you progress through the material without direct instructor guidance. You learn at your own pace without set deadlines or scheduled meetings. These courses have a defined start and finish date.
SYN – SYNCHRONOUS ONLINEA fully synchronous online course is delivered through Brock’s Learning Management System and/or video conferencing to facilitate real-time communication between the instructor and students. These classes have regularly scheduled meeting times throughout the course which students are expected to attend.
ONM – BLENDED – ONLINE MIXEDA blended course that includes both synchronous and asynchronous elements delivered fully online. The synchronous components of the course require real-time interactions with the course instructor on a set schedule. The asynchronous components can be viewed online without real-time interaction.
INP - IN-PERSONEducational or training sessions where participants physically attend a specific location at a designated time to receive instruction, engage in activities, and interact with instructors and fellow participants face-to-face.

If you have in-person classes on campus (course delivery code INP) and you are in need overnight accommodations in Niagara, Brock University offers affordable short term housing options for visitors. Brock also has a partner rate with Four Points by Sheraton St. Catharines. Please contact us to receive a discount code for the partner rate with your course registration.

If there are changes to your learning schedule or delivery, it will be posted to your account. Be sure to regularly check your account for any updates prior to the start date.

To apply your tax exemption on checkout of continuing education courses, you need to add the course(s) to your shopping cart and email us prior to checking out. We will notify you once your tax exemption status has been applied to your cart and to proceed with checkout.

After signing up for an account using your personal email, you will be provided a Brock CE email address and password setup to your personal inbox. After setup, please use the Brock CE email to login for all future registration checkout. If you have not used your Brock CE account within the past 90 days, you may need to reset your Brock CE account ID and password.

Thank you for choosing Brock University, Professional & Continuing Studies. We believe that a clear understanding of our policies enhances your overall experience and contributes to a positive and equitable learning environment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at