Food options on campus

The Guernsey Market is a celebration of Niagara’s best in a marketplace-style. It will give you a truly Niagara food experience. On one side, there’s a quarter chicken dinner with a freshly cooked side dish. A few steps away at the 360 Grill, there’s a stir-fry of local vegetables cooked on a steaming circular grill. At the deli, there are custom-made sandwiches on four types of local bread. The bakery serves up fresh waffles and crepes made to order. The Market features such fare as a salad bar, fresh sushi, gourmet burgers and sweet potato fries. Canadian Cash is required.  No debit or credit card is available at this venue.

The buffet dining experience has a marketplace atmosphere with a variety of food stations and all-you-can-eat service. This is an efficient and economical solution to the dining needs of large and small groups staying on campus.

For youth groups, there is enough variety to meet the needs of the pickiest eaters. There is a hot entrée available, pizza stations and a salad bar with all-you-can-eat drinks and ice cream.  This is an easy way to feed the group after touring Niagara for the day.

How does this work?
Prior to your arrival, guaranteed numbers must be provided to our dining services department. They will prepare a menu based on the number of groups and special dietary requirements of the groups arriving that week. The more guests in the dining hall, the more food stations will be available to all. There is a guaranteed minimum of 25 guests required to open any dining hall.