Blog 2: 5 things to include on your event website

Looking to plan an event? Our Conferences & Events team pulled together their top 5 things to include on your event website.

1. Your Event Details

This may be the most obvious piece on this list, but you would be surprised by just how many websites that do not include all of the event information on them!

When talking about event details, this should include more than just the date, time, and location. The name of the event and the purpose should be front and centre. What is it and why would I want to attend?

Details matter:

There should be information regarding parking, the check-in desk, and more. Think like your customer, what information do you need to know in order to feel confident registering for your event?

Think to answer questions such as:

  • Is parking free for guests?
  • Is there a specific parking lot guests should be parking in?
  • Where do guests sign-in on the day of the event?
  • Will the sign-in desk be open for the whole event or just for a few hours at the beginning of the day?

2. Registration Link

Closing the sales cycles means getting customers to hit the register.

So how do you make sure they don’t miss it?

  • Have a bold call to action – Register Now, Register Today. Don’t miss out on the event of the year.
  • It is highly recommended to have a pre-registration call to action (see next section for more tips for this).
  • Market how full the event is e.g. 80% sold out!
  • Locate the registration link in a prominent location. Remember: People will give up rather quickly in attending an event if they must search through multiple pages or information to figure out how to register for your event.

3. Registration Pricing/Early-Bird Rates

Getting people registered early allows you to start working on operational logistics. Clients that offer savings on registration prices typically see strong registration numbers early in the planning cycle.     Include this on your website! Don’t forget to send out reminders leading into the last days of early pricing. The last thing you want is to have someone not register because they thought they had more time to receive the discount. Tip: have an early bird registration countdown on your website.

4. Accommodation Options

Are accommodations included in the guest’s registration fee? If not, you will want to provide local accommodation information for your guests on your website.

Perhaps you have a partnership with a specific company that is going to offer a flat rate or your chosen venue offers overnight accommodations like we do at Brock University.

Include information about the rates, the rooms, and contact information for how they can book a room for the event.

5. Event/Conference Schedule

Again, another one that may be obvious, but so often forgotten. Always be sure that the schedule posted on your site is the most up to date it can be. Keeping it up to date will allow potential guests to see what sort of sessions or activities are being offered and entice them to hit that Register Now button!

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Happy Planning!