Economic Recovery in Niagara

Brock and the Niagara Workforce Planning Board are launching a partnership to expand on research collaboration as well as future opportunities for teaching and learning and community engagement. This event highlights the partnership and features a timely discussion on the important issues of economic recovery and gender equity.


Dr. Gervan Fearon, President

Dr. Tim Kenyon, Vice President Research

Vivian Kinnaird, CEO, Niagara Workforce Planning Board

Dr. Charles Conteh, Director, Niagara Community Observatory

Dr. Carol Phillips, Research Coordinator, Niagara Community Observatory

Dr. Thalia Semplonius, Project Manager, Niagara Workforce Planning Board

Dr. Kate Bezanson, Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Associate Professor, Sociology

Dr. Felice Martinello, Department of Economics

Julie Rorison, Manager Community Relations