Student Research

Part of our mission at the Centre for Healthy Youth Development Through Sport involves supporting and highlighting student researchers.

We do this by involving undergraduate and graduate students in ongoing projects to build research capacity and providing quality learning opportunities to students through active and experiential education.

Students interested in getting involved in research within CHYDS should contact

Please check out some of our Student Research Projects below to find out more about the research our students are doing.

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Student Research Projects

Municipality of Port Hope Youth Needs

Project Lead: Caroline Hummell
Partnering Organization: Community Researchers, The Centre for Sport Capacity
Year: 2021


This research, conducted by Brock PhD student Caroline Hummell in partnership with Community Researchers and The Centre for Sport Capacity, examines the current state and landscape of youth programming in Port Hope, ON. Employing a mixed-methods approach using surveys and focus groups, this research highlights youth’s perceptions of existing programs, identifies barriers to participation in programs, and considers current trends regarding youth wants and needs for future programs. Based on the findings, the report provides practical recommendations for Port Hope stakeholders to improve youth programming moving forward.