Brock expands cider certificate course offerings

7 February 2019


Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) continues to lead
the way for the booming cider industry with the launch of the Advanced Certificate in Cider
and Perry Production.

The advanced-level courses were unveiled Thursday, Feb. 7 by the Cider Institute of North
America (CINA) at CiderCon, an annual industry conference being held in Chicago. Brock
University joined other CINA program providers, including Cornell and Washington State
universities, in making presentations.

The addition of the advanced courses builds on Brock’s offering of CINA’s Foundation
Certificate in Cider and Perry Production offered each year by CCOVI.

“Brock University is thrilled to bring the CINA program to the Canadian market and be a key
player in driving the industry forward,” said Barb Tatarnic, CCOVI’s Manager of Continuing
Education and Outreach. “As a program provider of the Foundation and now the Advanced
level of certification, this is a critical step in setting widespread industry standards for the
rapidly growing cider and perry industry.”

In addition to being the only Canadian provider of the CINA courses, CCOVI also provides
analytical testing services to help cider makers deliver the best product possible.

“Brock played an instrumental role in developing the courses of the Advanced Certificate
program, which is the first educational accreditation for cider makers in North America,” said
Steven Trussler, the CINA-certified instructor in CCOVI’s cider program. “It builds upon the
foundation certificate with a comprehensive program that is intended to take about three
years to complete.”

To date, around 100 students have earned the Foundation Certificate in Cider and Perry
Production through CCOVI.

“CINA’s curriculum development team represents leaders in the cider industry and partner
academic institutions,” said CINA Executive Director Brighid O’Keane. “We’re pleased to
announce training opportunities for cider makers to develop their technical skills and gain
industry-recognized qualifications in cider and perry production.”

Brock University will offer the following advanced-level courses: Science and Practice of Cider
and Perry Production; GMP, Safety and Sanitation of Cider and Perry Production; Essential
Sensory Analysis of Cider and Perry; and Essential Laboratory Testing of Cider and Perry.

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