Interview Training Workshops

Our Team has experience providing training on how to talk to child witnesses to social workers, police officers, attorneys, nurses, and other professionals working with children. Forensic interviewers are an integral part of the justice system in child abuse cases and must be conducted in a supportive, non-suggestive, and age-appropriate manner. We provide customized evidence-based training sessions for those working with child witnesses and victims of human trafficking utilizing the Ten-Step Forensic Interview protocol (Lyon, 2005). All trainers have completed a 14-week in-person training session on the Ten-Step and conducted forensic interviews while studying with Dr. Thomas Lyon at the University of Southern California. The Ten-Step is a research-based, child-friendly interview protocol based on the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) protocol. Additionally, we can offer training on evidence-based best practices for conducting perpetrator photo line-ups. Our team works closely with forensic interviewing teams to ensure training goals are met and ongoing support can be received.

For more information on customized training session please contact one of our team members

Resources for forensic interviewers

Ten-Step Investigative Interview (Lyon, 2005)

Supplemental Interview Questions (Ahern & Lyon 2011)