‘Disability Impact on Career & Employment’ Assessment

Welcome to D.I.C.E. (Disability Impact on Career/Employment).

The purpose of a D.I.C.E. assessment is to identify, through a process of reflection and self discovery:

  • how the disability influences your career options
  • how the disability affects your work performance
  • what workplace accommodations you need to perform your job effectively

The assessment is divided into five parts.

1. Disability Profile

This section explores:

  • what the disability is and how it affects you
  • how you cope with the disability

2. Strengths Profile

This section explores your:

  • aptitudes
  • skills
  • qualities
  • education and training

3. Careers Accentuating Disability

This section explores:

  • paid and unpaid jobs you held in the past
  • difficulties you experienced when performing certain tasks
  • reasons for previous job loss that were not related to disability
  • types of jobs that would bring out your disability

4. Careers Emphasizing Strengths

This section explores:

  • tasks you performed that brought out your strengths and skills
  • the skills you enjoyed using on the job
  • the skills you disliked using on the job
  • all the careers you were ever interested in
  • what attracted you to these careers
  • types of jobs that match your abilities, interests and limitations

5. Workplace Adaptations

This section explores:

  • whether or not you need accommodations
  • what accommodations would meet your needs

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To make an appointment to take the DICE Assessment please contact Lisa Kuiper.