Teaching & Learning Innovation Grant – Experiential Education Stream

This stream supports the development or redesign of experiential education at the course and program level that fall within Brock’s Senate-approved categories of Experiential Education. Funding through this stream is exclusively for curricular-based experiential education that is embedded within academic courses. The grant does not support experiential education that occurs as part of the co-curriculum or outside of the curriculum.

Proposed projects must include a positive and reciprocal relationship between Brock faculty, students, and either an internal or external community partner (if applicable), and include reflection-based assessments that contribute to a portion of a student’s final grade. For example, a grant could be requested for funding for student assistants, expenses related to accessing the experiential education opportunity (e.g. transportation, supplies), or a small token of thanks/recognition for the contribution of community partners.

We are also happy to support the development of experiential learning in the virtual/on-line environment such as small technologies, learning objects, etc. Unfortunately at this time we are not able to provide compensation for course development or fund traditional office equipment.

Additional resources to support faculty in the development/redesign of experiential education components are available in the Faculty Guidebook on Experiential Education.

Applicants who intend to request funding to hire a current graduate or undergraduate students for course development/redesign activities are strongly encouraged to consider funding available through the Match of Minds Program offered by the Office of Research Services and also through the Magnet Student Work Placement Program.

Applications for experiential learning that includes students traveling to an off-campus location should be accompanied by the appropriate insurance and travel risk management forms. Please review the Insurance and Travel Risk Management policies and forms provided by Human Resources.

Available funds

  • Up to $3,000 for an on-campus course component, elements that support experiential learning in the virtual/on-line environment, or a course occurring within Canada.
  • Up to $5000 for a course component that requires international travel by students.

Contact a member of the Experiential Education team to discuss your ideas and application.



The 2023/2024 application process will open in April 2023 – more details to follow.