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For Faculty, Instructors and Staff

The Experiential Education team invites all faculty, instructors, and staff to request a workshop supporting experiential learning activities in their courses. Select from the workshop options detailed below or let us know if you do not see what you are looking for. We will be happy to collaborate to tailor our offerings to your needs.

Once you have submitted a request, all workshops will be customized to the learning outcomes of your course and the specific experiential component you are preparing students for.

Available Workshops

Cultural Humility

Together with Mirror Theatre, the offices of Human Rights and Equity, and Experiential Education have created programming that will facilitate growth in cultural humility, through techniques inspired by Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre.  The goal of this workshop is to support students as they enter into experiential education settings in diverse communities, by examining power and privilege through embodied theatre techniques.

Through a customized approach, centering the learning outcomes of experiential education opportunities, Cultural Humility Workshop facilitators will work with faculty members to design a workshop that will use Forum Theatre techniques to explore what it means to be culturally humble.

Faculty members are encouraged to utilize the learning of this workshop as a precursor to community based experiential learning opportunities as a means of preparing students who will interact with or observe community members as a part of their in-class learning experience(s).

Developed in collaboration with A-Z Learning Services, students are equipped with tools to stimulate connections between theory and practice. Questions might include:

  • what is reflection;
  • the role of reflection in the learning process;
  • ways to engage in reflection in your course.

We can help you introduce your class to the experiential learning component in your course. We can also collaborate with our partners on campus to offer exactly what students need to be prepared for experiential learning in your course. Introductory workshop content may include, but is not limited to:

  • what to expect in an EL course;
  • resources to help as students navigate an EL course in classroom, workplace or community settings;
  • an introduction to the role of reflection in creating meaning and skill out of experiences;
  • an introduction to Brock’s Career Development Model with support from the Career Education team;
  • paths to transitioning to Co-op with support from the Co-op team.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know what you need and we will be happy to collaborate to tailor an offering for your course.