Taking Experiential Learning Online

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The Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI) will assist Brock University instructors in designing courses with flexible learning options, delivering course content in alternative ways, and in developing contingency plans.

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On average, A-Z Learning Services delivers over 100 workshops in Brock lectures each year. Workshops are delivered by Learning Skills Specialists and can be can tailored to fit your course.

Hear from Brock Students, Faculty and Community Partners

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Taking Experiential Learning Online Workshop Sessions


Workshop session focused on online teaching and community engagement using Microsoft Teams.


Workshop sessions focused on internships and placements in the COVID-19 context.

Experiential Learning online: tips, Tricks and Pitfalls

Facilitators from CPI and CCEE lead discussions on adapting to an online environment, focusing on current needs, challenges and opportunities for the online environment

Community Voices on Experiential Learning

Hear from our community partners as they discuss how we can prepare students to ensure that they are ready by the time they go out and work in community or support organizations during this time of social distancing.

Experiential Learning On Demand

Use the simulations linked below in your course or as inspiration to create your own.

Virtual Reality Organic Chemistry Lab Experiences – Open access virtual reality experiences for organic chemistry laboratories. Accessible using cell a phone.

Running a Protein Gel – In this simulation, proteins are separated by protein gel electrophoresis (or SDS-PAGE). Specifically, SDS-PAGE is used to separate the polypeptides of CRSPR-Cas9-edited cell lines.

Neuron Simulation Lab – Self-directed exploration of fundamental neural signalling processes using the neuromembrane simulator from Ualberata.ca.

Neuroscience in the time of Corona – Crowdsourced compendium of resources including online lab activities focused on Behavior, Electrophysiology, Molecular/Cellular and Anatomical.

Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences – Digitised rock collection used to create virtual microscope thin sections. Each virtual thin section allows study of a mineral’s properties, size, shape, proportion and colour, and also analysis of micro textures as if using a specialist petrological microscope.

How Can I Teach Anatomy and Physiology Online Using Lab Kits? – Webinar on how best to teach anatomy online using lab kits and video based communication mediums.

StratX Simulations – A collection of high level marketing, strategy and innovation simulations ranging from 3 hours to 20 hours.

ExperiencePoint – Realistic simulated experiences focused on Human Resource strategy and change management.

Use the virtual field experiences linked below in your course or as inspiration to create your own.

Streetcar 2 Subduction – A collection of geological field trips that take users to some of the world-class geological sites of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Geoscience Online Teaching Resources – Crowdsourced virtual field trips and labs covering topics such as structural geology, minerology, and sedimentology.

Use the resources linked below to help you partner with communities online instead of face-to-face.

E-Service: Creating Experiential Service Learning Opportunities for Online Courses – Description of how the class engaged in online service learning with a local community partner and the technologies used to achieve this. The course had some face to face components that could be adjusted to fully online.

Community Based Learning in times of Social Distancing, Isolation and Quarantine – Blog from Portland State University with resources on community-based learning continuity and partnership during COVID-19.

Crowd Sourced Resource Collections

The links below are crowd sourced resource collections that you can reference or contribute to. These may be useful as you transition to online experiential learning but please note that the quality of each resource has not been evaluated.

Community Resource Hubs

Association for Experiential Education

Co-operative Education and Work Integrated Learning Canada

Campus Compact

Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Contact Experiential Education for Support

Each Faculty at Brock has a dedicated Experiential Education Coordinator (EEC) to support experiential education initiatives at the undergraduate and graduate level. Connect with your EEC to discuss community partner engagement, accessing technology, or the logistics of bringing experiential education online.