Co-op Orientation 2022

Congratulations and Welcome to Co-op!

Our dedicated team is here to support your transition into Co-op and to ensure your experience is a rich and fulfilling one. To complement these efforts, we have planned an in-person event to kick off your Co-op Journey on September 6th as well as planned a series of program-specific Co-op orientation Q & A sessions over the course of September to get the full picture of your Co-op Journey!

Your 2022 Co-op Orientation 

On Tuesday, September 6th, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. join in person the Co-op Education Team and your fellow Co-op student community to build your Co-op journey through a fun Lego Play Workshop and Mix & Mingle Event. You will have the opportunity to participate in a guided workshop from our Co-op Education Staff Team that will focus on understanding your talents and strengths and what your Co-op journey can look like during your first year as a Brock Co-op student through building 3-dimensional models.  After the workshop, attend our Mix & Mingle event where you can learn more about your Co-op journey by meeting and engaging with our Co-op Education Team and your fellow co-op students.


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Register for Co-op Orientation

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Register for the fall year-1 co-op events

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Congratulations and Welcome to Co-op! We are excited to see you in person this Fall.
Your 2022 Co-op Orientation consist of two separate events throughout September and we want to encourage you to register for both to get the full picture of your Co-op Journey. 

Please be aware that beginning Tuesday, Sept. 6, medical-grade masks will be required in all instructional spaces, including classrooms, lecture halls, seminars, teaching labs and other spaces when teaching by instructors is taking place. When other activities are taking place in these spaces, masks are strongly recommended.

Build Your Co-op Journey – Co-op Orientation 2022
Date: September 6th from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Location: South Hall (STH 202/STH 203/STH 204) 



Log in to CareerZone ( and using your BrockID (ex. ab22cd) and password, then proceed to the September 2022 event calendar or you can also click on the associated link below to have direct access to register for this event.

Build Your Co-op Journey – Co-op Orientation 2022 In Person Event – September 6th 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Registration closes August 30th, 2022. For inquiries, contact Co-op Education at 

Julia Zhu, Associate Director, Co-op Education provides a general overview of the Co-op Journey in the video below and reviews in detail what to expect, the program structure, goals and learning outcomes.

Understanding Your Co-op Experience

Registering for your Program Specific Orientation Session:

Join Julia Zhu, Associate Director, Co-op Education and Candice Edwards, Co-op Transition Advisor as they delve into the ins-and-outs of your first year as a Brock University Co-op Student. Learn more about how your specific Co-op program works, opportunities to engage with other like-minded students and ways to learn more about your strengths and talents during your first year at Brock. To prepare for your Program-Specific Orientation Session please review the above video to get a better sense of your Co-op journey and to help prepare questions as there will be an opportunity to ask them LIVE during this session.

Registration is available NOW!


Log in to your CareerZone account using your Brock ID (ex. ab21cd) and password, then click the session link associated with your specific co-op program listed on the right. At least a few days prior to the event you will receive more instructions from the Co-op Education teams on how to access the session online.

Co-op Education hosts several year 1 Co-op Programming events that will allow you the understand the importance of self-reflection to explore your talents and strengths, as well as learn how to translate your experience to skills and competencies which will better prepare you for your co-op journey. These sessions are a great way to engage with fellow incoming co-op students and will assist in your continued success during your first year. We highly encourage you to register for one of these sessions offered and to experience more through co-op! 

Fall 2022 Term:

Discover Your Strengths Through Reflection

October 17th from 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

October 18th from 1:30 P.M. to 2:30 P.M.

Skills Translation – Bridging Strengths to Skills & Competencies

November 15th from 10:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

November 17th from 1:30 P.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Clelia Kimana, Career, Curriculum Consultant, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) shares a general overview in the video below of how EDI is incorporated into the Co-op, Career, and Experiential Education department and how she can support our co-op student community. If you have any questions about EDI and would like to connect with her please email her at or stop by her office located in TH261 G.


Should you have additional questions related to your experience as a Brock co-op student during the COVID-19 pandemic, please see the dedicated COVID-19 Resources page on the Co-op, Career & Experiential Education website.

If you have a unique or specific circumstance related to your own personal situation that is not addressed, please get in touch with our team and we can refer you to the appropriate person or Brock department that can assist you.


What will your co-op experience look like?

Yarnie Shahparast, Honours Bachelor of Accounting Co-op 

Brock University Co-op Student of the Year – Undergraduate 2021 

Along with maintaining academic excellence through her disciplinary focus Yarnie continuously achieves more by using her exceptional leadership qualities. With a history of involvement in various director roles within the Business Students’ Association, Yarnie has developed her student leadership by earning the title as Executive Assistant on the 2020 Executive team. She has even pushed her limits further by leading the Accounting Students’ Association’s as President in her final year from January to December 2021. 

Work Term Experience: 

  • BDO Canada 
  • RSM Canada

Justin Dilgert, Honours Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op 

Brock University Co-op Student of the Year – Undergraduate 2021 

“Justin completed four Co-op work terms with three different organizations successfully through his entire degree at Brock University. Though each experience was very different, Justin developed important skills and lessons from each role. Participating in the Co-op program allowed him to narrow down his interests and helped him find an employer in his third Co-op work term that he hopes to work with post-graduation. Co-op also helped him develop as a person to become more confident in himself.” 

Work Term Experience: 

  • Government of Ontario 
  • Framework Venture Partners LP 
  • Moyers & Stark Consulting Inc.

Isha Kohli, Honours Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op 

Brock University Co-op Student of the Year – Undergraduate 2021 

Ishan has been an overachiever both academically and during his co-op work term experience. He was offered an extension for another Co-op work term with a promotion as a Jr. Business Analyst for Moyers & Stark Salesforce Consulting. There was strong personal growth for Ishan to expand his network and made lasting relationships with his managers at the organization.” 

Work Term Experience: 

  • Moyers & Stark Consulting Inc. 

Syed Sher

Master of Business Administration, Marketing Co-op

Student of the Year 2020 Award Winner (Graduate Category)

“I needed a platform to showcase my talent and skills to maximize my chances to reach my goal. The Co-op program at Brock University gave me that platform. That platform made my task of achieving my career goal a lot easier.”

Work Term Experience:

  • Hydro One

Joel Gritter

Honours Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Co-op with a minor in Business

Brock University Co-op Student of the Year – Undergraduate 2020

“Participation in the Co-op program at Brock has allowed me to grow and flourish. The tight-knit community at Brock facilitates a friendly environment for learning; to find what you enjoy doing and to dive into it. The community is small enough to know many people by name, yet big enough that Brock is indeed world class.”

Work Term Experience:

  • RBC Royal Bank Amplify

Ahmed Jawa

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, Co-op

Brock University Co-op Student of the Year – Undergraduate 2019
Student of the Year for Co-operative Education at a University 2019 (CEWIL Canada)

“Working for the United Nations was a fascinating experience like none other; the UN internship challenged my abilities, intellect and skills with valuable work and left me with an international experience that taught me more than my expectations. Every day had something new and exciting, from consulting and managing projects that change the lives of many…”

Work Term Experience:

  • General Motors of Canada Company
  • Niagara Region
  • United Nations Association in Cambodia

Brad Klassen

Honours Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Co-op

Brock University Co-op Student of the Year – Undergraduate 2019
Education at Work Ontario (EWO) University Co-op Student of the Year 2019

“The Brock University Co-op program has allowed me to go from no professional experience to working at top companies in the industry. The one-on-one training and personal development has helped me to create valuable professional connections, while providing me with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the workplace.”

Work Term Experience:

  • Ministry of Transportation
  • Canadian Tire Corporation
  • RBC Royal Bank

Diana Oprea

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, Dual Degree Co-op

“Co-op has been a truly transformative experience which allowed me to broaden my skillset, expand my network and grow professionally. My advice to future Co-op students is to apply early and focus on making meaningful connections!”

Work Term Experience:

  • RBC Royal Bank

Jayna Sutaria

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, Co-op

“Through my co-op experience, I developed an understanding of how high-performing cross functional teams collaborate and gained invaluable insight into the FinTech industry. In addition to the exponential growth in knowledge, I had the opportunity to build scalable solutions using leading edge technologies and create positive change within a global organization.”

Work Term Experience:

  • RBC Recruitment and Learning

Nicholas Muraco

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, Co-op

“One thing that co-op has taught me – beyond gaining experience in the workplace – is to say yes. After completing my current placement at FENA Insurance Solutions, I felt as though I had stumbled upon a hidden gem in the business world and I am now working towards getting my insurance license. It is important to remember that you will never know what you like until you have tried everything. I challenge everyone to take a risk with one of their placements and try working somewhere where they wouldn’t conventionally see themselves working. For me, the simple risk of saying yes to this placement has redirected my career path and I am exciting to pursue the Insurance Industry.”

Work Term Experience:

  • Meridian Credit Union
  • FENA Insurance Solutions Inc.

Nicholas Sardella

Honours Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Co-op

“My Brock Co-op experience was the most valuable takeaway from my Biotechnology degree at Brock. With the help of Brock’s Co-op staff, I was able to find placements that provided me with relevant hands on experience in laboratories which I would not have been exposed to in a teaching laboratory, and I was also provided with experiences that allowed me to grow my network with potential employers for after graduation.”

Work Term Experience:

  • Brock University
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada

Zain Virani

Master of Business Economics, Co-op

Brock University Co-op Student of the Year – Graduate 2019

“Besides complementing my academic experience at Brock, my co-op experiences helped me uncover my latent potential for business analysis and project management, while concomitantly reinforcing my desire to work with quantitative data within the public sector.”

Work Term Experience:

  • Niagara Region

Zhengxi Dai

Master of Professional accounting, Co-op

“This co-op experience had broadened my view on the different types of auditing practices.  I have learned to work with various IT Auditors each possessing specific knowledge and skill-sets.”

Work Term Experience:

  • Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat


Download these virtual backgrounds for use in upcoming events, meetings and classes.




For more information about Brock’s Co-op Programs check out the link below:

UG Co-op Orientation Info Session Slide Deck




Alesia Dane
Manager, Talent Partnerships & Relations
Co-op Education
905 688 5550 x4252


  • Career development
  • Relationship building
  • Professionalism

After graduating from the University of Guelph, Alesia threw herself into human resources and worked for a local brewery. She realized this position was not the right fit for her and decided to take a job as a youth employment counsellor, continuing in an area of work she began as an undergraduate volunteer. This position turned out to be her dream job, and she continued to work for non-profit organizations for several years. As a next step, Alesia worked for the Canadian Hearing Society, furthering her skills as a job developer. Having decided that she wanted to work with students in a career setting, Alesia networked and met with people from several post-secondary campuses. Consequently, she secured a job development role with Co-op and Career Services at the University of Guelph. Life circumstances brought Alesia to Niagara, where she began networking and landed a job with Co-op Education at Brock University!

Alexa Sullivan
Co-op Outreach Coordinator
Co-op Education
905 688 5550


  • Relationship building
  • Professionalism

Alexa is a proud Brock University alumna who completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Studies. Furthering her education, she obtained a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Disability Management as well as a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management. Alexa has a love for continuous learning and a passion for assisting individuals in overcoming barriers in their lives to aid in personal and professional growth.

Prior to joining the team at Brock, Alexa worked with diverse populations providing support related to mental health and disabilities, education, and housing. Alexa transitioned into employment services within the not-for-profit sector as an Employment Counsellor, where she assisted individuals in reaching their employment goals while ensuring overall wellness throughout the journey.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Alison Whitty
Student Talent Development Specialist
Co-op Education


  • Career development
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Human rights

Alison is a passionate, driven, and open-minded professional who takes great pride in supporting students explore their strengths and interests. She believes that every student has the tools within to achieve greatness and uses her energy to challenge students to become comfortable within the discomfort of growth. Alison completed a Bachelor of Science in Education at the University of Miami, while representing the Hurricanes on the rowing course as a student-athlete. Alison began her career in higher education as a rowing coach at two National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) institutions. While coaching at the University of Louisville, she completed a Master of Education in Counselling and Personnel Services. Before moving back to Canada, Alison held the position of Assistant Coach and Coordinator of Recruitment at the University of Iowa. In these roles, Alison supported students using a holistic framework and created an environment where both athletic and academic performance were equally valued.

Alison comes to Brock from the John Howard Society of Niagara where she worked as an Employment Counsellor. Through this role, she gained valuable experience supporting individuals as they explored their career interests and navigated various barriers to employment.

You will often find Alison exploring the outdoors or spending time with her family.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Andrew Bassingthwaighte
Talent Coach
Co-op Education
905 688 5550 x5577


  • Career development
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Human rights

Possessing over 15 years of transatlantic career development experience, Andrew has worked with individuals across a variety of contexts, including post-secondary institutes. He is a strong advocate of lifelong learning and believes that students can learn something new on a daily basis.

Andrew has always been impressed with the passion and pride that people have for Brock, and this is something that he strives to pass on to his students as they start their careers. Having experience in both Canada and Europe, Andrew understands a variety of employment trends and needs; however, his main consideration is always the well-being of the student: jobs come and go – you remain.

In order to better serve his students, Andrew has completed degrees in Sociology and Education, a graduate diploma in Career Development and will shortly be pursuing a master’s degree in Social Justice and Equality at Brock.

Candice Edwards
Transition Advisor
Co-op Education
905 688 5550 x6756

areas of expertise:

  • Transitioning into co-op education
  • Coaching

Candice is a Brock alumna with a BA in Recreation and Leisure Studies and several years of experience working with students from an international and domestic background. When Candice graduated from Brock, she worked for six years in the Career Development Field, where she helped young adults to achieve their academic and professional goals. Throughout her 14 years of professional experience, Candice has worked in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors helping others to succeed and find their own path in life. Prior to her role within Co-op Education, Candice worked in Brock’s Department of Residences, where she assisted first-year students as they successfully transitioned into a post-secondary environment. In her current role at Brock, Candice assists students within co-op degree programs by providing support, engagement opportunities and referrals, as well as aiding first-year students who are wanting to transfer into a co-op degree program.

Candice was honoured with the Mohawk College Recreation and Leisure Faculty Award in her last year of studies at Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Christine Eaton
Career Development Consultant
Co-op Education
905-688-5550 x3748


  • Career development
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • 0N/5N90 course management and instruction

Christine has a passion for helping others to recognize their true potential by taking manageable risks and showcasing their talents. She learned the importance of building a strong professional network and the value of transferable skills articulation when she worked with and alongside diverse populations in both the private and public sectors. Her experience includes working for McMaster University’s Centre for Simulation–Based Learning, Literacy Link Niagara and as an Instructor for the District School Board of Niagara. Christine also worked as a Case Manager at Niagara Region, an Assistant Property Manager for Oxford Properties Group as well as a Literacy and Basic Skills Manager at Port Cares.

Christine is an experienced Career Development Consultant with more than 10 years experience in adult education, working directly with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. She is well versed in curriculum development and evaluation, facilitation, creating resources, and database management.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology from York University and a Social Service Worker diploma from Seneca College. She also recently achieved a postgraduate Professional Management Certificate from Brock University.

Courtney Falardeau
Student Talent Coach
Co-op Education
905 688 5550

Skills/Areas of Expertise:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Career Development
  • Relationship-Building
  • Mental Health and Wellness

Courtney is a Brock University alum with a Bachelor of Arts in Women and Gender Studies and holds a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from Niagara College. Courtney started her career working in Employment Services in the not-for-profit industry as a Job Developer and then transitioned into Career Coaching in the post-secondary education industry (and she hasn’t looked back since!).

With a love for learning and growth, she has a passion for helping students enrich their lives through personal and professional development, with a focus on wellness and goal setting throughout the journey.

Outside of work, you can find Courtney hiking or jogging various Niagara trails, diving into the latest self-help book, or attending indie/alternative live shows and concerts!

“Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; it’s choosing what’s right over what’s fun, fast or easy; and it’s practicing your values, not just professing them” – Brene Brown

Dana Tonus
Manager, Employer Relations and Special Initiatives
Co-op Education
1-866-618-9373 (Toll free)


  • Job development and strategic employer relationship building
  • Career coaching and facilitating student professional development
  • Fostering alumni relationships

After working in brand management at Heinz, Dana (pronounced Donna) dedicated the majority of her professional career to helping students succeed by assisting them in finding career-related co-op employment. She uses her BComm and MBA degrees to effectively market Brock University co-op students to prospective employers, and her passion for Human Resources to council and guide students throughout their career journey. Dana works remotely for Brock, and with over 20 years of co-op experience she is able to seamlessly assist students in succeeding in their job search efforts and work term endeavours. She has high expectations for herself and for the co-op students who represent the Brock Co-op brand, and she takes pride in her students’ achievements. She is a passionate spokesperson for the benefits of co-operative education and is determined and committed to do her best to persuade every employer to hire a Brock co-op student and assist every student to have a successful Co-op Education experience.

Kate Balint
Administrative Assistant
Co-op Education
905 688 5550 x4182


  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Reports and documentation

Kate is one of our energetic Administrative Assistants who displays a sincere desire to help others. She has been an invaluable asset to Brock University since 2009, first with the Department of Residence and now with the Co-op Education team. Kate excels in her work capabilities with unique insight and ability — she drives the co-op engine from within. With a keen eye for detail, anything she gets her hands on is quick to achieve completion.

Kate was honoured with the “Create a Better Way” award at the Niagara Health System (NHS) for creating a new system on the NHS intranet that made processes more accessible, time and cost efficient, and effective.

Kate loves working at Brock because her efforts and actions make an immediate impact on the team and the University.

Kristen Wall
Supervisor, Student Talent Development 
Co-op Education
905 688 5550 x 3482


  • Coaching and mentoring students
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Employment preparation

Kristen graduated from Brock University in 2017 with an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration – concentration in Human Resource Management. In her final year, Kristen worked with the Goodman Career Education team as the Junior Career Associate, helping to provide students with preliminary career advice. After graduating, she started working with Brock’s Human Resources department before transitioning back into the Career Education team. As a Career Consultant, she mentors students through 1:1 consultations, workshops, events and more.

Outside of work, you’ll either find Kristen in her craft room (with many projects on the go) or playing sports like baseball, aerial silks, figure skating and curling.

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” – Charles Swindoll

Lan Dinh
Talent Coach
Co-op Education
905 688 5550


  • All disciplines


  • Coaching and Mentorship
  • Career Development
  • Relationship Building
  • Disabilities, Mental Health and Wellness

Lan is passionate about empowering others to discover their unrealized potential. Her energy is fuelled by curiosity and desire for continuous learning and development.

Before arriving to Brock University, Lan graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies and holds a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from Mohawk College. Lan started her career at Ferrero Canada focusing on Recruitment, Training and Development, and Employee Relations. However, realized she wanted to pursue a career in social services which led her to Guyana where she worked with the Ministry of Social Protection. Upon returning to Canada, she dove into Employment Services supporting persons with disabilities as a Job Developer/Employment Advisor for a not-for-profit organization in Hamilton. Now in her current role as Talent Coach, she finds tremendous joy in supporting students as they embark on their career development journey.

In her spare time, Lan is an avid adventure seeker who loves to travel and explore the great outdoors. You’ll find her hiking a mountain, portaging a lake, or just trying new and interesting food.

Laura Ahumada
Student Talent Coach
Co-op Education
905 688 5550

Melissa Beamer
Manager, Talent Development and Engagement
Co-op Education
905 688 5550 x4633


  • Managing and developing teams
  • Relationship-building
  • Mentoring and developing students

Melissa is a proud Brock alumna who has a passion for student success. She describes herself as a “high-energy person” and thrives in fast-paced environments where change is the norm. Immediately after she graduated, Melissa started her career at Brock as a Student Recruitment Officer. She moved through various positions and progressive levels of responsibility, which eventually led to her current role as a Senior Employer Development Manager in Co-op Education. She is an experienced project and people manager who strives for excellence in her work. Melissa believes that work and fun aren’t mutually exclusive, and that fostering an environment of enjoyment and comradery increases team productivity and performance; this is at the heart of her leadership style. Currently, Melissa leads the Arts and Science team, matching co-op students with employers to make connections and meaningful co-op work term experiences.

Melissa is a Brock graduate twice over, with an honours BA, Combined Politics and Psychology, as well as a Master of Education, Administration and Leadership in Education.  She also participates in various community events throughout Niagara — The Rankin Run is her favourite.

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Quentin Dus
Talent Partnerships Consultant
Co-op Education


  • All faculties (aside from Goodman)


  • New grad recruitment and consultation
  • Business development/partnerships
  • Bilingual

Quentin is an established B2B and B2C sales and marketing professional with client experience in post-secondary institutions from across Quebec and Western Canada. He has managed sales cycles, developed territory plans and employed upselling and cross-selling techniques which will be a valuable asset in the TPC role. Quentin is bilingual in English and French and his educational journey includes an MBA from Toulouse Business School in France which included an international exchange experience at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. In addition to his professional accolades, Quentin is genuinely and enthusiastically passionate about the role of post-secondary education as it relates to student learning, development, experiences and professional achievement.

Ryan DeSouza
Talent Partnerships Consultant
Co-op Education


  • Business Development
  • Coaching and Training
  • Relationship-building

Ryan is a business development professional with several years of experience in the beverage and travel industries. He has a passion for relationship building and enjoys creating memorable events to showcase brands while crafting unique experiences. He enjoys teaching and training others, and he loves public speaking!

He enjoyed working with youth and students by volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel Region, being an active child sponsor, and coaching a youth soccer team in Mississauga.

He is a “lifelong learner” and he holds an undergraduate degree in Commerce from the University of Toronto, a Certificate in Adult Education from Seneca College, and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Newcastle in Australia.

Outside of work, he is an avid traveller. He enjoys discovering new food, wine, and beer, and he is a big sports fan – with his passion being baseball!

He hopes to support the development of strong employer relationships so that Brock students can work towards attaining their personal and professional goals.

“Don’t aspire to make a living…aspire to make a difference.” – Denzel Washington

Ryan Larouche
Talent Partnerships Consultant
Co-op Education
905 688 5550 x4502


  • Business development
  • Talent acquisition and recruitment
  • Relationship management

Ryan started his career in staffing and recruitment with Scotiabank, where he quickly moved up to manage corporate recruitment initiatives for multiple business lines across Canada, the United States and Latin America. His area of expertise is recruitment in the banking and finance sector, helping to pair talented Brock co-op students with amazing co-op partners!

Sha Uppal
Talent Partnerships Coordinator
Co-op Education
905 688 5550 x5215


  • Administrative Support
  • Intercultural Communication

Sha Uppal is a cheerful and dedicated team member with plenty of quirks to make you smile. Her journey has taken her to many interesting places before finding her home at Brock University.

Prior to joining the Brock team, Sha gained diverse work experience in both China and Canada across various sectors including education, marketing, media, real estate and tourism. Her years of experience in various environments equipped her with excellent customer service and problem-solving skills.

Sha holds both a Master of Education in Leadership and Administration from Brock University as well as her bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management from Harbin Normal University in China. She is bilingual in Mandarin and English.

Simone Lammers
Talent Partnerships Consultant
Co-op Education 
905 688 5550 x3367


  • Working & Supporting Students with Disabilities
  • Building Relationships with Employers

Simone is a proud alumna of Brock University who brings integrity and passion in all that she does. With nine years experience working as a job developer in employment services, she understands the complexities of the local labour market and how to effectively promote her students. Simone started her career in social services, where she supported vulnerable members of the community. She then transitioned into employment services, specializing in job development for people with disabilities.

As a Talent Partnership Consultant, Simone now works with employers to help them find the best talent and ensure successful partnerships.

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Valerie Harris
Talent Development Specialist 
Co-op Education
905 688 5550


  • All disciplines


  • Employment Preparation
  • Coaching and Mentoring Students
  • Mental Health and Wellness

Val is a proud graduate from Brock University with Honours Bachelor of Business Administration – concentration in Human Resource Management. In her final year Val worked as a Campus Career Assistant and instantly fell in love with the culture of Brock and supporting students in their career journey’s. After graduating she became the Talent Development Specialist for Goodman Career before transitioning to her current role on the Co-op team. Val strives to help everyone find their unique “Superpower”.

Val has seen every episode of “Friends” over 30 times; so be ready for lots of quotes and Friends GIFs in every conversation.

Quick Tip: Never ask Val for directions; assume she is already lost as well!

“Don’t judge a story by the chapter you walked in on” – Anonymous