• The changing face of Brock

    We are starting the new year with two more women in senior positions. Diane Dupont has started her term as Interim Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Cheryl McCormick has started her term as Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research at the Faculty of Maths and Sciences, the first woman to take on this role in FoMS. Congratulations to both. It is great to see more women access senior leadership positions which may lead to a new Brock.

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  • Caucus luncheon – December 8th

    We will be having a general brown bag luncheon meeting on Friday, December 8th, 12 to 1:30 pm. The luncheon will have targeted discussions in small groups. 4 members of the steering committee will be there to lead discussion on themes of importance and you will be welcome to join the discussion that mostly interests you. Those themes will be:

    1- Glass ceiling, mentoring, and climbing the ladder at Brock
    2- Reporting inappropriate behaviour: challenges and policies
    3- A masculine campus? Changing the visuals
    4- A family friendly Brock? Policies and services for parent students, staff, and faculty members

    See you on the 8th!

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  • Meeting of the Steering Committee – Nov 3

    Your steering committee will be meeting Friday, November 3, at lunch time, to discuss next steps and potential speakers and round-tables. Be in touch if you would like us to discuss something in particular.

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  • Implicit Bias – Invited Speaker

    On March 20, Dr. Samantha Brennan (Western) gave a lunchtime talk on “Implicit Bias and the Problem of Micro-Inequities.” Many people were in attendance and the discussion that followed was quite generative. If you missed the talk and would like the slides, please contact Christine Daigle.

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  • Meeting of the Steering Committee

    The steering committee will meet on February 27 to discuss next steps and an invited speaker for the spring.

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  • 31 persons met on November 18!

    31 persons gathered to meet and discuss plans for the Caucus of Women on November 18, 2016. A steering committee was formed and great ideas were exchanged.

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  • Meeting – November 18

    Anyone who identifies as a woman at Brock, employee or student, and who is interested in joining the Caucus is invited to attend the brown bag lunch meeting on Friday November 18, 12-2 pm, Plaza 600F.

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  • Website under construction

    The website will be undergoing construction in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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