Not a snow day!

Brock’s decision today to close from 8 to 10 am has caused a lot of anger and dismay. Depending on the area where you live you may have received snow anywhere between 15 and 30 cm. That is a lot of snow. All other schools are closed as are many offices, businesses, and services (long list here). Why is this a women’s issue?

For many parents who are students or staff at Brock, this means that they will have to miss class or a day’s worth of work because they have to stay home to look after their children. In many cases, this will be the mother’s responsibility. If the father is the one looking after kids while mom heads off to campus to attend class in order to not miss material or marks (on a quiz or attendance) or in order to not lose a day’s pay, she is being put at risk because of hazardous conditions.

I think we can agree this was a poor decision.

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