Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the Centre?

Our purpose is to provide inclusive and adaptive activity programs, courses, workshops, professional development and other services for disabled citizens across the lifespan and for non-disabled allies who wish to participate in inclusive and adaptive programming and professional development. We also conduct research on our programs and services so that the analyses, interpretations and findings can be used for relevant and meaningful activities, individual well-being and community empowerment and the policies, processes and practices that affect them.

What programs does the Centre offer?

Presently we offer activity programs (SNAP, Saturday SNAP, ASD Summer Movement Camp, Side by Side) in an online format, with hopes of returning to Face to Face programming as soon as the COVID 19 restrictions are lifted. We also hope to offer opportunities for participation in research projects, professional development, volunteering, placements and internships.

How do I volunteer?

Please email and specify which opportunity you are interested in volunteering for. You will then be directed to the appropriate affiliate who will outline the appropriate next steps.

How does a student get involved in a placement or an internship?

Students whose academic programs allow them to do placements or internships for credit should consult their program academic advisors and/or Experiential Education Coordinator to confirm that they are eligible for placements or internships, with or without a credit value.

How can I donate to the Centre?

The DONATE button will take you to the University Advancement Office where you can discuss the process of donating to the Centre. If you are unable to access the Advancement Office, please contact Maureen Connolly,