Recreational cannabis on Brock University campuses

The smoking or vaping of recreational cannabis will not be allowed anywhere on Brock University campuses, including in private or work vehicles, student residences and in any designated smoking areas.

A Message from the President

“At Brock University, we focus on ensuring a teaching and learning environment that supports the success of our students and ensures a healthy work environment for our faculty and staff members. Bringing our current Smoking and Vaping Policy fosters health and wellness by taking into account concerns around second-hand smoke, as well as respecting the fact that many of our students are under the legal age for the use of cannabis-related products or even to purchase tobacco. Brock will continue to monitor the impacts of cannabis legalization and will review policy on an ongoing basis to ensure it reflects best practice.”

– President Gervan Fearon

Frequently asked questions

No. Smoking and/or vaping recreational cannabis is prohibited on campus, including in residence, in vehicles and in any designated smoking areas.

Our campus is a workplace and Brock is committed to ensuring all students, staff, faculty and visitors are not exposed to cannabis smoke. Please review our updated Brock University Smoking and Vaping Policy for details.

If you are 19 years or older, you can possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis, or the equivalent amounts outlined below. If stored in residence or offices, recreational cannabis must be kept in air-tight (scent-proof) containers.

Class of CannabisQuantity equivalent to 1 g of dried cannabisCalculationEquivalency amount
Dried cannabis1 g1 g x 30 =30 g
Fresh cannabis5 g5 g x 30 =150 g
Solids containing cannabis15 g15 g x 30 =450 g
Non-solids containing cannabis70 g70 g x 30 =2,100 g
Cannabis solid concentrates0.25 g0.25 g x 30 =7.5 g
Cannabis non-solid concentrates0.25 g0.25 g x 30 =7.5 g
Cannabis plant seeds1 seed1 seed x 30 =30 seeds

No. Smoking and/or vaping recreational cannabis is prohibited on campus, including in residence, in personal or work vehicles, and any designated smoking areas. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while drug impaired. The new legislation will prohibit all methods of consuming in a vehicle that is being driven or at risk of being put in motion.

Please review our updated Brock University Smoking and Vaping Policy for details.

Commercially produced edible cannabis products are still illegal in Ontario and you cannot possess them on campus. Edible cannabis products cannot be produced, baked, and/or cooked in residences.

No. The cultivation of cannabis plants is prohibited on Brock University campuses, in residences and offices.

No. Recreational cannabis products cannot be shipped to Brock University campuses, including residences and offices.

No. Any drug paraphernalia including pipes, bongs, etc. is prohibited from being in Brock University residences.

Cannabis used for medical purposes will be assessed on an individual case by case basis and handled through student accommodations and human resources accommodations. For more information please contact Student Accessibility Services at 905-688-5550  x3240 or

More information

Cannabis in residences

Given the recent changes to both Federal and Provincial legislation with respect to cannabis, changes will be made to the Residence Community Standards.

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