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best female poets. Each of the poets included on this site is featured on her
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work in progress, we would appreciate notificaton of errors or ommissions.
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Margaret Atwood

Margaret Avison

Himani Bannerji

Stephanie Bolster

Roo Borson

Marilyn Bowering

Louise Morey Bowman

Dionne Brand

Di Brandt

Elizabeth Brewster

Anne Cameron

Anne Carson

Lorna Crozier

Gwladys V. Downes

Mary DiMichele

Marilyn Dumont



Dorothy Farmiloe

Marya Fiamengo

Judith Fitzgerald

Susan Glickman

Phyllis Gotlieb

Claire Harris





Susan Ioannou

Rita Joe

Pauline Johnson

Joy Kogawa

Janice Kuluk Keefer

Dorothy Livesay

Pat Lowther

Laura Lush




Gwendolyn MacEwen

Jay MacPherson

Daphne Marlatt

Anne Marriott

Anne Michaels

Kim Morrissey

Erin Moure

M. Nourbese Philip

Marjorie Pickthall

Susan Musgrave

P.K. Page



Dorothy Roberts

Linda Rogers

Robyn Sarah

Carol Shields

Anne Simpson

Constance Lindsay Skinner

Carolyn Smart

Elizabeth Smart

Kay Smith

Anne Szumigalski

Sharon Thesen

Colleen Thibaudeau

Rhea Tregebov

Maxine Tynes



Jane Urquhart

Miriam Waddington

Bronwen Wallace

Phyllis Webb

Liliane Welch

Anne Wilkinson

Jan Zwicky