Canada Games Park

Brock University has approved contributing a parcel of land at its main campus so it can be the site of a community and athletics complex that would be the central site when the 2022 Canada Summer Games are hosted in Niagara.

On Thursday, May 9, Brock’s Board of Trustees voted to provide the land, currently part of a parking area, where Canada Games Park can be built if Games organizers are able to secure the required funding from various levels of government. The cost of building the Canada Games infrastructure projects will be shared through funding from the Niagara Region, Niagara’s municipalities and higher levels of government.

“The [2022] Canada Summer Games has the potential to be a transformative moment in Niagara’s history, and Brock University is on board,” said Gary Comerford, Chair of the Brock University Board of Trustees. “This will be the largest sporting event ever held in Niagara, and the largest-ever Canada Games. As such, it will leave a lasting legacy on the region on many levels, including new and upgraded facilities.”

Canada Games Park would include a sport and ability centre, arenas, gymnasiums and an outdoor facility with a track, athletic field and beach volleyball courts.

Check out the Niagara 2022 Host Society’s behind-the-scenes tour updating the community on the progress of Canada Games Park.

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