Course-Focused Engagement

There are three ways that faculty members chose to incorporate Canada Games content and activities into their courses. These approaches included direct, indirect and the use of Canada Games as content for a case. Each of these methods differed in relation to their requirements for engaging with the Canada Games staff or community partners.

1. Direct Engagement with Canada Games

Create a new course or incorporate an assignment that meets academic learning outcomes while also meeting a need of the Canada Games.

Example: Engaging students from the Department of Modern Languages to aid in French Support Services during the Games in a practicum placement.

2. Indirect Engagement with Canada Games

Worki with a local community partner on a project related to the Canada Games.

Example: Working with the school boards to enhance physical activity using the energy and resources of the Canada Games.

3. Canada Games as a Case in Existing Courses

Use examples from the Canada Games to highlight academic content for students. Does not require interacting with partners.

Example: A lecture on the Canada Games in a history class.

  • Promoting physical activity/kids activity using the Games
  • K-12 Curriculum development using the Games
    • Example: “Catch the Spirit” Resource kit for teachers
  • Health promotion using the Games
    • Work with Public Health
  • How to be a good fan
    • Creating good sportsmanship
  • Exploring the public image of the games through media representation (games, opening ceremonies)
  • How to promote the games with social media
  • Analyzing Games-related data (performance, medical, market)
  • Environmental sustainability including facilities
  • Impact of the Games on community development
    • Examples: social capital, recreation services, recreational opportunities..etc.
  • Government involvement in staging a major games event
  • Transportation
    • getting around the games
  • Archive history of the Games
  • Relation of the performing arts to the games
  • Evolvement of the opening ceremony of the Games
  • Emergency response planning with the games
  • Legacy of the Games
  • Communications strategies to promote the games

How can you include Canada Games related content in Your Course?

Do you have an idea but not sure how to go about incorporating it in to your courses?