What are the Canada Games?

The Canada Games are Canada’s largest multi‐sport event for Canadian youth, and focus on developing the next generation of Canadian leaders. Held every two years, the Games alternate between Summer Games and Winter Games and are hosted in a Canadian city that has been selected through the bid process by the Canada Games Council.

Each Canada Games features approximately 3,600 athletes/participants from each Province and Territory across two weeks of competition as our nation’s best young athletes and para-athletes compete for Provincial and Territorial pride.

While the Games are primarily focused on sport and competition, each Games also implements a robust festival and arts program, including an Opening and Closing Ceremony, that features talented performers and artists from across Canada who showcase the diverse culture that our nation has to offer. The Mascot Program, Medal Design Program, Education Program, and Torch Relay are additional examples of programming that are delivered to help spread the spirit of the Canada Games from coast to coast to coast.

The Canada Games leave a lasting impact and legacy in every host city, and play a key role in Canada’s sport development system while also championing community pride and national unity.

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Click on these links to review recent Canada Games Council Annual Reports that show the priorities and objectives of the Canada Games.

Watch this recap video of the 2019 Canada Winter Games in Red Deer, Alberta.