Phone Scams Targeting Brock Chinese Students Chinese Translation Telephone Scam

 On Tuesday, May 1st, 2018, a Brock Chinese student reported to Campus Security that she had received a concerning phone call from a local number claiming to be from a legal firm. The caller claimed she had opened a bank account in Vancouver, for which people were looking for her regarding a transaction on the account. They also said she should return to China.  The call was determined to be a scam. Campus Security also received information that this type of scam had occurred 4 more times in the past few days.

Campus Security is committed to ensuring the safety of all its students. As a result, Campus Security has partnered with International Services and the Brock University Chinese Student and Scholars Association, to provide Chinese students with the information regarding this and other scams.

The Chinese Consulate website: and contain important information regarding telephone scams.

Tips to consider:

  • Consulates and embassys will never request a third party contact its citizens regarding, bank information, legal cases, parcel pick up or a request to identify over the phone.
  • Consulates and embassys will never transfer call recipients to interpol, or other prosecutors offices.
  • Do not disclose personal information over the phone to some one you do not know. If you are informed of a traffic accident involving a loved one, a kidnapping, or other emergency. Remain calm and verify with a person you trust.
  • If you suspect you are the victim of a scam call, contact the Chinese Consulate 416-964-7260, 911, the Global Consular Protection Emergency hotline at +86-10-59913991, Brock Campus Security at 905 688 5550 ext. 1,3200 or