Explore options. Ask for help. Be yourself.

At Brock, you are surrounded by people who care — we care about you and we are always here for you. We provide numerous resources to help with your academic, wellness, safety and financial concerns. With BrockU 4U, you can get the most out of your Brock experience.

We are expanding BrockU 4U this year to include a series of virtual orientation experiences that will provide you with personalized support, from your transition to Brock in the summer and throughout your first year as a Badger.

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Welcome to Brock! Your academic success is important to us. We have many ways to support you if you are looking to improve your academic success.

A-Z Learning Services provides free academic support for all students to help them reach their full potential in university and beyond. These services include workshops and drop-in services. Student Success Centre, Thistle Complex 129

Contact Information: 905-688-5550 x5774

Our Academic Advisers will help you to understand the academic structure at Brock and to realize the variety of options available to you. For program specific questions, please connect with your specific program advisor, contact information can be found in the link below and by clicking on Advisor Directory.

Contact Information: adviser@brocku.ca


A-Z Learning Services offers a pay-per-hour tutoring service for one-on-one subject specific support. Tutors are Brock students who have successfully completed the course. Request a tutor or apply to become a tutor. Student Success Centre, Thistle Complex 129

Contact Information: 905-688-5550 x5774  

The Library is here to support your research with access to books, journals, media and more, along with helpful staff to guide you through the information landscape. We also offer a variety of study spaces (individual or group) to match how you learn best (quiet, silent, or conversation-friendly). You’ll find the Ask Us desk and Learning Commons on the 2nd floor of the Schmon Tower, and more study spaces and our book stacks on floors 5-10. The Archives & Special Collection is on floor 10 and the Maps, Data and GIS Library is in Mackenzie Chown C306. Drop by the Makerspace and Digital Scholarship Lab in the Rankin Family Pavilion to try out our cutting-edge technology, tools, and software – no experience required.  


Drops and Withdrawals

Students can add or drop D3 courses on their my.brocku.ca portal before January 17th. After January 17th, students must submit a Course Add/Withdrawal form to records@brocku.ca to ensure that the withdraw is processed properly. The form can be accessed online at: https://brocku.ca/registrar/toolkit/forms/#courses

How can it affects my finances?

Students are financially responsible for all fees incurred by course registration. A student may withdraw in good standing from a course within the period established each term as published in the academic calendar. Students are free to add or drop courses through the online registration system without financial penalty (unless all courses are dropped-see below) while the system is open (see the appropriate registration guide for details). Dropped courses do not appear on the student transcript. After the posted drop date, students may submit a course withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar in order to discontinue registration in a course. Withdrawn courses appear on the student transcript, along with the date of withdrawal. The final date to withdraw from courses without academic penalty is posted in the appropriate registration guide. Please note that the final date to withdraw without academic penalty is not the same as the final date to drop without financial penalty. All withdrawals have financial penalties. https://brocku.ca/safa/drops-withdrawals-and-refunds/#undergraduate-withdrawals

How can it affect my transcript?

Students are free to add or drop courses through the online registration system without financial penalty while the system is open. Dropped courses do not appear on the student transcript. After the posted drop date, students may submit a course withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar in order to discontinue registration in a course. Withdrawn courses appear on the student transcript, along with the date of withdrawal.

How can I switch my program?

To change programs, students must meet with an academic advisor for the program they wish to switch into to confirm requirements. The change of major form can be found online at: https://brocku.ca/registrar/toolkit/forms/#changes-appeals

Brock Central @ The Registrar's Office, Schmon Tower (ST), 3rd floor, x3052, central@brocku.ca


Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides academic accommodations, services and supports to students with a permanent disability or temporary health condition which is affecting academic functioning. 

x3240, askSAS@brocku.ca

The Student Success Centre (SSC) knows that the path to success is different for everyone, and we’re here to help you find the way that works best for you. We offer a focused and engaging learning environment with academic supports that empower students as they work towards their educational goals.

Student Success Centre, Thistle Complex 129

Students can buy textbooks at the Brock Campus Store, which offers new books, used books, and e-textbooks. Students can also buy their textbooks online and then pick them up at the Campus Bookstore.  The Campus Store is also the home of all Brock and Badgers branded clothing and merchandise.

Located in the Plaza Building down the hall from BUSU food court.

Website: campusstore.brocku.ca/
Instagram: @BrockCampusStore




As your second home, Brock works diligently to ensure your safety on campus. We promote a culture and environment where safety is our top priority. We share important information regarding personal safety, crime prevention tips, community-oriented policing initiatives and messages that allow you to stay informed.

The role of Campus Security Services is to provide a safe and secure environment where the entire Brock Community can study, work, learn and live on the Brock Campuses. This includes all of Brock properties, the Main Campus, the Hamilton Campus and the Marilyn Walker School, Campus Security Services is available 24 hours day, 365 days of the year and are  located in the Kenmore Centre. After Business hours there is a emergency phone in our lobby which you can use to have an officer meet you. Our full-time emergency Dispatcher Centre located in the building will answer all of your Emergency calls at ext:3200 

We offer a wide variety of services including Lost and Found property.  We also recommend all of the members of our community download the Brock Safety App (www.brocku.ca/apps) onto their phone which connects you immediately if required to Campus Security and you can receive Emergency messages an alerts very quickly, as they are sent to the entire Brock Community.

Location: Kenmore Centre
inquires 905-688-5550 x4300
Emergency x3200


Members of the Brock community are encouraged to use Human Rights and Equity (HRE) as a resource for all issues related to human rights and equity, including incidents of sexual violence, racism, ableism, religious bigotry and/or issues on any of the grounds under the Human Rights Code. In contacting us, you are not committing to any specific course of action, nor will you be pressured into making a decision. HRE serves as a sounding board for problems as well as a resolution service as well as providing education on all grounds related to equity and inclusion. HRE works with many other departments and services on campus to prevent harassment and discrimination from occurring and to quickly address incidents as they arise. 

Human Rights and Equity, Mackenzie Chown E (MCE 206), x4859

Interactive Map
This online tool is for students to familiarize themselves with the Brock campus. Students will then visually see where specific buildings are located on campus, and will be provided with additional information about that location.

Download the Brock Apps
Get involved, stay connected, and get the help you need — when you need it. To get the most out of your experience at Brock, install the Brock apps on your mobile device. www.brocku.ca/apps/

Sexual Violence Support and Education helps Survivors access accommodations and supports, assists with the reporting of incidents of sexual violence, provides resources to Respondents in cases of sexual violence and oversees the investigation process for formal complaints under the Sexual Assault and Harassment Policy.  Brock University is committed to training on the topic of sexual violence for any and all community members and will customize workshops for all groups.

Contact x6174 or
svec@brocku.ca for confidential support, as well as information about setting up educational workshops.

For additional resources, please visit: https://brocku.ca/human-rights/sexual-violence/support-resources/  



From tuition to OSAP and bursaries we want to make your Brock experience the best it can be! Our services will assist you in managing your finances and addressing any financial concerns you may encounter.

Join Student Accounts & Financial Aid for FinTip$ Wedne$days!

When:  Thursdays, Jan 9th to April 2nd, 2020 from 2:00-3:30pm

Where: PLZ410

At any drop-in session you are welcome to bring your finance related questions: OSAP, tuition fees, student accounts, budgets or anything else we can help with.

Assists students with schedule challenges, registration issues, questions about your student financial account, OSAP support and important dates regarding academic terms. Students can reserve their place in a virtual line-our online check-in system replaces physical line ups with mobile queues. Roam freely while you wait, wherever you want, however you want! We'll send you text updates as your turn approaches. Text "Brock University" to 289-301-4243 to reserve your place in our virtual queue.

Brock Central @The Registrar's Office, Schmon Tower (ST), 3rd floor, x3052, central@brocku.ca




Brock promotes accessibility, fosters resilience, health and well-being by creating inclusive, supportive and collaborative environments. Brock has a wide variety of services available to support you in these areas.

Brock students have access to athletic and recreation facilities on campus including:  

  • Exercise in the Zone Fitness Centre  
  • Swim laps at the Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre  
  • Run or walk laps at the indoor track  
  • Play on the Alumni Turf Field and Grass Fields 
  • Play basketball, volleyball, soccer or badminton in any of the 3 Gymnasia during Open gym times.
  • Take part in ExpressFit Classes and Aquatic Fitness Classes
  • And More!  

Brock Recreation provides you with a variety of opportunities to participate in Intramurals and many activities.  

Brock Recreation, Walker Sports Complex Welcome Desk (WC), x4060
Instragram @BrockRecreation

Brock students have the opportunity to utilize their athletic talents and try-out for any varsity or club team, all to compete as a Brock Badger across Ontario and beyond! With 47 different sports, from ball hockey to wrestling and everything in between, we’ve got something for everyone!

If competing isn’t your style, we also love our fans!  All Brock students get free tickets to our regular season games – simply go to brocku.universitytickets.com and log-in with your student ID to redeem.  To check out our schedule, visit: https://gobadgers.ca/calendar.aspx

For more details, please visit gobadgers.ca and follow @BrockBadgers on Instagram.

The BUSU Food First program is a service aimed to address the growing issues of food and health insecurity among Canadian post-secondary students. The program provides support to students in need with a local grocery store gift card.

This service is designed to assist with food and health accessibility and is not intended to be a primary source of food for any one undergraduate or graduate student.

Food first requests are reviewed every Wednesday from 10am-2pm and Friday from 10am-1pm and that students will receive a confirmation email letting them know when their gift card will be available to pick up at the BUSU reception desk.


Welcome to students from all walks of life. Drop by and enjoy our hospitality, a one-on-one chat, or one of the many events we have for both religious and secular students.

The Faith and Life Centre location is in Alphie's Trough. Just outside of the North Thistle exit.

ext. 5226 - Zack DeBruyne, Christian Reformed Chaplain
ext. 4764 - Kailey Meehan, Catholic Chaplain


This new 12 week program is designed to help students that are feeling overwhelmed develop strategies for coping with stress, studying habits and maintaining a healthy life balance.

The Brock University Students’ Union believes that every undergraduate student should have a minimum level of health and dental coverage while studying at Brock. Our plans are comprehensive and can be combined with parent/guardian/spouse coverage. Students with their own coverage of equal or better value may opt out of either portion of the plan (health or dental), or both parts of the plan. This process is done online between September 1st and September 30th.    

Contact Information: Brock University Students Union (BUSU), healthplan@brockbusu.ca. 

Website: www.brockbusu.ca/healthplan 

Brock offers free and confidential counselling services, through Morneau Shepell, to address concerns such as mental health or other emotional, social and personal difficulties. You can book appointments or receive immediate telephone support 24/7 by calling 1-833-BROCK33 (1-833-276-2533). If outside of North America call 001-416-382-3257. Brock personal counselling is located in ST400.


Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides academic accommodations, services and supports to students with a permanent disability or temporary health condition which is affecting academic functioning. 

x3240, askSAS@brocku.ca

Student Health Services provides confidential primary health care (appointments and walk-in clinics) , prevention programs, wellness education and strategic medical and academic partnerships to promote optimal health and university success.

Contact Information: Harrison Hall, 905-688-5550 x3243, brocku.ca/health-services/ 

Housed under the Office of Human Rights and Equity Services, the Student Justice Centre is your campus hub for social and political engagement, education, and activism. We advocate for social justice through campaigns, workshops, and events that challenge racism, colonialism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, classism, and sexism. Students can drop into the SJC (TH 252A) at any time for a safe space to hang out, connect with like-minded folks, and discuss social issues that matter most to them.

The Brock Student Justice Centre is situated on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabeg, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral Peoples. The territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties and is within the land protected by the Dish with One Spoon Wampum agreement.

The Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre (SWAC) promotes accessibility, fosters resilience, health and well-being by creating inclusive, supportive and collaborative environments. We support Brock students through 3 service areas:

  1. Student Accessibility Services
  2. Personal Counselling Services
  3. Student Health Services

Contact can be made by looking through the three service areas and selecting which service best suits your needs.

The goal in managing situations involving students in distress is to connect them with the appropriate service that will address each unique situation. It is the goal of the Student’s-at-Risk Case Team to balance the needs of the student with the needs of the community in order to maintain a safe environment on campus and in the community at large. Many resources are available to achieve this goal.

A case team approach is utilized to support at risk individuals in order to facilitate information transfer and to provide a coordinated university response to these situations. The Students-at-Risk Case Team meets regularly to discuss any pertinent issues regarding at-risk behaviour. Please see the Students-at-Risk Protocol as well as review the contents within the Orange Folder located at: http://brockmentalhealth.ca/faculty-staff/student-at-risk/

To submit a concern of any  level of severity, please use this form: https://brocku.ca/student-life/student-at-risk-referral/


Enrich your Brock experience by staying active and engaged at Brock and in the community.

Aboriginal Student Services helps all Aboriginal students, including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit in making a smooth transition to the Brock University community.

x5883, swong2@brocku.ca,


If international students have any concerns regarding immigration and cultural advice, UHIP service and support, events, workshops, volunteer opportunities and more should visit the website provided:

It is the mission of the Brock University Students’ Union to effectively represent undergraduate students to all relevant stakeholders and to enhance the benefits of attending Brock University by providing a variety of programs, opportunities, and services while creating an atmosphere and culture of acceptance, inclusion, and tolerance.

Visit www.brockbusu.ca for more information.

While you are getting involved at Brock, why not get recognized? Complete domains in the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC) to earn recognition on the Brock University Certificate of Engagement be recognized and corded at Convocation.  

It’s time to get involved; challenge yourself; and try new things.  

Learn more at brocku.ca/experiencebu or log into experience.brocku.ca today. 

The Career Education team supports students in understanding their skills, connecting experiences to jobs, mapping their career goals and building their professional network. No appointment needed! Students can drop into CareerZone in Guernsey Market to ask questions about looking for work, creating resumes/cover letters, interview preparation, and more.

The CareerZone online portal provides information about job postings, career and recruiting events, workshops, resources and staff who will help you navigate your options and connect you with opportunities.

CareerZone, x5115, career@brocku.ca

BUSU offers more than 90 clubs to students which can be found both through the ExperienceBU website and the BUSU website:
experiencebu.brocku.ca and brockbusu.ca

Brock’s co-curricular transcript, Experience Plus, provides students with an opportunity to track their co-curricular experiences on an official transcript that highlights skills employers are seeking.  Access your Experience Plus account on my.brocku.ca  

Contact expplus@brocku.ca or visit the CareerZone Resource Centre located in the Guernsey market. 

Get Involved. Get Connected. Experience Brock University! 

ExperienceBU is your gateway to the Brock experience. Find and connect to student clubs and organizations, events, workshops, communities, services and supports, and co-curricular experiences. If it is happening at Brock, it is on ExperienceBU 

And it's only a click away. Check out what’s happening on [experiencebu.brocku.ca]experiencebu.brocku.ca or in the Brock University Mobile App and get involved! 

Learn more at brocku.ca/experiencebu or log into experiencebu.brocku.ca today!

Experience Leadership. Build skills.

Foundations in Leadership is a professional development series that aims to provide you with the basic building blocks you’ll need to build a successful career and life. Receive certification and build your self-awareness and skills in a variety of areas, such as like listening and self-expression, conflict management and problem solving, group work, and strengths-based leadership.  

Gain a competitive edge by completing training now, that employers will looking for when you graduate. 

For more information and this year’s course schedule, visit brocku.ca/leadership-programs   


The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) represents the interests of all graduate students at Brock University. There is a multitude of services that the GSA can assist with including:

  1. Graduate Student Health & Dental Plan
  2. Graduate Student Services
  3. Professional Development

The GSA works closely with the Department of Graduate Studies to ensure the best experience for all graduate students.

Graduate Students' Association, Mackenzie Chown C-Block 302 (MCC302), x4094, gsaoffice@brocku.ca

Brock is partnered with over 80 schools in 6 different continents to allow students to enrich their personal growth and gain valuable skills that are necessary to work in a globalized world. If students are interested in one of the life-changing international learning programs, contact Brock International Services.

International Centre (GLB), x6102, exchanges@brocku.ca,

If you want to take part in Intramural Sports, you can get information online and register in person at the Walker Complex Welcome Desk. You can join intramurals individually or with a team.

Intramural Information:


Student Life and Community Experience facilitates engagement opportunities for Brock students that encourage extra-curricular and co-curricular learning experiences and that enrich the communities at Brock, in Niagara, and beyond. We offer programs and services that support campus involvement, leadership development, community engagement, rights and responsibilities, student event and activities support, transition and first-year experience, volunteerism and service-learning, co-curricular mapping and off-campus living. 

Contact Information: Mackenzie Chown A-204, 905-688-5550 x6321, studentlife@brocku.ca,   


If you're a student who has transferred to Brock from another post-secondary institution, you're invited to join the Transfer Connect group.

Transfer Connect is a means for all of Brock's transfer students to come together and share resources, stories and laughter. Established largely as a social group, the members drive the activities and events to suit their needs. We meet weekly for two socialize, network, de-stress, get involved, trouble-shoot challenges, and chat about courses and assignments.

Join Transfer Connect on Experience BU: https://experiencebu.brocku.ca/organization/transfer-connect.

Orientation is one of the most memorable times in an incoming students’ university experience. It’s when you meet your classmates, develop friendships, and learn everything about what Brock University offers in terms of academic services, student support services and ways to get involved. Welcome Week takes place in September during the first week of school and is filled with events and programming to meet the needs of all students. For more information on Welcome Week, including event schedules, FAQs and tips, please visit brocku.ca/orientation.


From finding a place to live, to finding a place to eat – we’re here to help make your life at Brock as great as it can be.

Students have an opportunity to take a campus tour to familiarize themselves with campus by the following opportunities:

  1. Monday – Friday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Sign up at https://discover.brocku.ca/tours/.
  2. Living in residence? Ask your Residence Don to give you a tour.

Guernsey Market located in the lower level of the Schmon Tower

  • Monday-Friday 8:30am – 7pm
  • Sat-Sun 10:30am – 7:30pm

Hungry Badger located in the Walker Complex

  • Mon-Fri 7:30am – 7pm
  • Sat 8am – 3pm

Lowenberger Residence Dining Hall

  • Mon – Thurs 7:30am – 1am
  • Fri 7:30am – 11:30pm

DeCew Residence Dining Hall

  • Mon – Thurs 7:30am – 1am
  • Fri 7:30am – 11:30pm

Union Station located in the lower level of the Student Alumni Center

  • Refer to BUSU's website for hours of operation for the different restaurants

General Brock located in Welch Hall

  • Refer to BUSU's website for hours of operation

Isaac's Bar and Grill

  • Refer to BUSU's website for hours of operation

Tim Hortons located in the Schmon Tower lobby, the Thistle Complex and the Walker Complex in the Hungry Badger

  • Different hours for different locations

Dining Services:


Meal Plans
NEW! Beginning September 2020 Brock University will be launching All-Access Dining
Meal plans are mandatory for all student residing in residence with the exception of those living in Gateway.

Living in a Traditional Residence?
Students living in Lowenberger, DeCew, Vallee, or Earp must purchase a 5-day or 7-day All- Access meal plan. All Access plans give you unlimited entry into the dining halls. A 5-day plan is Monday to Friday. Students with All- Access meal plans will have access to both residence dining halls.

Living in a Non-Traditional Residence?
Students living in Village or Quarry View, or Lofts Block 9 have the choice of purchasing a Townhouse Plan, Townhouse Plus Plan, 5-day or 7- day All Access meal plan. The Townhouse Plan give you 10 swipes per week and the Townhouse Plus Plan give you 15 swipes per week into either Decew or Lowenberger dining hall. Unused swipes will expire at the end of each week.

For more information regarding meal plans, please visit the Dining Services website

Flex Dollars
Flex dollars are flexible, worry-free alternative to carrying cash on your Brock Card. Flex Dollars can be used at all Brock Dining Services locations on campus, Campus Store, Laundry Services in residence, Parking Services, Vending machines, General Brock, Union Station, and for Printing in both the library and Computer Commons.  All purchases made with your Flex dollars are subject to applicable taxes.
Learn more about Flex Dollars

Brock Dining Services and Brock Card Office
Sean O’Sullivan Theatre Box Office, TH 221
Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
905.688.5550 x 4770

Residence Life Staff
All residences have Residence Life Staff (RLS) who are trained to be a support and resource for residence students. The RLS enforce the Residence community standards, which are the expectations for behaviour within residence.


Residence Room Switches
If you are considering a room switch in residence, please follow the protocol presented by the residence link below.

Department of Residence, x3370, res@brocku.ca,

Laundry Facilities
Laundry facilities are based on which residence you are living in: 

Village: The laundry room in Lowenberger Residence (1st floor) 

Lowenberger: 1st floor of Lowenberger Residence 

Earp: Basement of Earp Residence 

DeCew: Basements of Stairwell 5  

Quarry View: Laundry facility found in bottom of Block 3 and Block 5 (Quarry View) 

Vallee: Basement of Vallee Residence 

NOTE: You will be using Flex dollars at the machines to pay for the services ($1.75/ load) 

Guest Policy
It is important that students follow the Residence Community Standards (RCS) guidelines when considering having a guest on campus. All guests must be signed in at the North or South Service Desk. 

NOTE: No guests during the first week of term classes, a few days surrounding St. Patrick’s Day, as well as during the exam period.

Quiet Hours
Quiet hours in residence are based on the day of the week and the time of academic term:
“Weekdays” (Sunday-Wednesday): 11pm
“Weekends” (Thursday-Saturday): 1am 

NOTE: During Fall and Winter exams, 22 hour courtesy hours come into effect.

If students wish to purchase a locker there are different locations available, for more information visit the Brock University Students' Union or the Brock Sports Welcome Desk.


Brock Sports:

Visit the Brock Card office located in the box office adjacent to the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre in Thistle Hallway. Students should visit the office to obtain their first Brock card (please bring with you a piece of government issued photo identification), if you have lost your Brock card and need to replace it; or if you would like to purchase a meal plan or simply add flex dollars onto your card, in person, as opposed to online at https://card.brocku.ca/OneWeb/Account/LogOn.

Contact Information: 905-688-5550 x4770 | brockcard@brocku.ca  | brocku.ca/card

Brock Society of Off-Campus Students (SOCS)

SOCS provides first-year students living off-campus with opportunities to build a community at Brock. Brock SOCS focuses on helping first-year students adapt to university life through events and programming, connection opportunities, community engagement, friendship-building, on-campus involvement, resources and support as well as leadership skills development. 

Student Life & CommunityExperience, 905-688-5550 x3271,ocl@brocku.ca, brocku.ca/student-life/socs/ 

Neighbourhood Relations
Off-Campus Living and
Neighbourhood Relations at Brock University is committed to working with students, residents and community partners to foster positive neighbourhood relations. Have questions or concerns related to living off-campus, connect with us! 

Student Life & CommunityExperience, 905-688-5550 x3271,ocl@brocku.ca, brocku.ca/student-life/off-campus-living/neighbourhood-relations/

Niagara Community Legal Clinic
For free legal advice, we recommend that you connect with
Niagara Community Legal Clinic. This organization completes student intake over the phone.Please note that in order to get free legal advice, you must note that you are a Brock student.While legal advice over the phone is free of charge, if you choose to pursue legal action there may be fees associated with additional services or supports - determined by the legal aid office. Please be advised that you should have all information supporting your case readily available in advance of your call.  

For more information, please visit:
www.niagaracommunitylegalclinic.com/ or call 905-682-6635 to schedule an appointment.

You can purchase a parking pass from parking services. They are located in the Campus Store in the Plaza building, or this process can be done online. Please note that for the 2019-20 academic year parking passes are sold out.

For more information including daily paid parking information visit brocku.ca/parking-services


Taking in proximity to campus, these are just some of the banks available near Brock within the Niagara region:

  1. Scotiabank (On Campus – Thistle Hallway)
  2. TD Canada Trust (240 Glendale Ave): Bus 335
  3. Bank of Montreal (228 Glendale Ave): Bus 335
  4. RBC Royal Bank (344 Glendale Ave): Bus 335
  5. CIBC Branch (221 Glendale Ave): Bus 335 or 336
  6. Meridian Credit Union (210 Glendale Ave): Bus 336

NOTE: There are multiple Scotiabank ABMs located around campus.
NOTE: All Bus options leave from Brock


There is a multitude of areas to shop that are in proximity to Brock including:

  1. The Pen Centre (221 Glendale Ave):
  • Bus 335 or 336
  1. Outlet Collection at Niagara (300 Taylor Rd):
  • Bus 316 to Downtown Terminal, then Niagara Transit bus 40 or 45
  1. Fairview Mall (285 Geneva St)
  • Bus 316 to Downtown Terminal, then Niagara Transit bus 40 or 45
  1. Brock U Campus Store (Plaza Building)

NOTE: All Bus options leave from Brock

Grocery Stores

The closest grocery stores to campus are:

  1. Zehrs (221 Glendale Ave)
  • Bus 336 or 335
  1. Sobeys (343 Glendale Ave)
  • Bus 335
  1. Bulk Barn (210 Glendale Ave):
  • Bus 336

*Check out which days student discounts are offered. Make sure to show your Student card
NOTE: All bus listings above leave from Brock

Students looking to travel home can purchase tickets through Megabus or GOTransit. For exact information, students can refer to the websites for these services.


GO Transit:

Brock students can access transit services throughout the Niagara region during the academic term by showing their Brock Card with a U-pass sticker. This sticker can be obtained at the vendor fair durning O-Week. There is an app for smartphones called SC Transit (St. Catharines Transit) that can be downloaded for free to provide up-to-date bus times and routes via GPS tracking.  

Contact Information: Brock University Student Union (BUSU), Student Alumni Centre, brockbusu.ca/services/transit/ 


Still need help? Let's talk.



Booths will be set up around campus during Welcome Week and the first week of each semester. Each booth is staffed with highly trained students who are there to help answer your questions — look for the BROCKU 4U or ASK ME logo.