Our Facility

The highly qualified coaches at BSP will screen, assess, and create strength and conditioning programs that are designed specifically for an athlete or team’s developmental age, sport, and competitive level.

Our facility includes:

  • 4000 Sq ft Facility complete with in-lay flooring, platforms, and turf
  • 8 Elite Half Racks Complete with Male/Female Olympic Weightlifting Bars & Bumper Plates
  • Trap Bars, Powerblocks (5-125 lbs), Dumbbells, Kettlebells
  • 2 Keiser Functional Trainers
  • Prowlers, Sleds, Ropes, TRX
  • Plyo Soft Boxes, Hurdles, Weight Vests
  • Testing Equipment includes, Freelap USA Lasers, Tendo Units
  • Access to Gymnasiums, Indoor Track, Turf Field, Indoor 50M Pool, Local Trails and Hydro Hill!