• Working With Local High Schools

    Between September and June, Brock Sports Performance has initiated a program designed specifically for surrounding school boards that combines curriculum-based material (i.e. Kinesiology, Physical Education) and exercise to provide Grades 9 to 12 students with an interactive learning experience. Through partnerships with schools and school boards across Southern Ontario, the goal of the program is to promote active lifestyles, kinesiology, and sport performance principles.

    Sessions are run in the Brock Sports Performance Centre which contains over 20m of turf, 8 power racks, 2 Keiser machines, and much more. Students get exposed the same sport-science technology and equipment that is used in many high-performance facilities. All sessions are 3 hours in length and consist of one Classroom and two Practical components. Teachers and students can choose from the following topics which encompass all aspects of sports performance training:

    Classroom Session Options: Active Anatomy, Nutrition & Recovery, Peak Height Velocity (Growth & Development).

    Practical Session Options: Testing & Assessment, Resistance Training Theory, Plyometrics & Agility Training, and Torso Training.

    Besides providing curriculum-based learning, the visit onto Brock’s campus and session in the Brock Sports Performance Centre provide first-hand experience of student life in university;  a valuable opportunity for students in Grades 11 and 12 as they begin to look toward undergraduate or college programs.

    Sessions are lead by Brock Sports Performance coaches and interns which have extensive education and experience in the fields of Kinesiology and Sport Performance. This year we have worked with 10 schools from the Niagara Region. So far, our most popular Practical and Classroom Sessions are: Plyometrics & Agility Training and Active Anatomy!

    Interested in getting your classroom working with Brock Sports Performance?

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  • RBC Training Ground

    In March, over 100 athletes from across the Niagara Region gathered at Brock University to attend the RBC Training Ground. This was the 2nd time Brock hosted the Canada’s benchmark for athlete talent identification. RBC Training Ground provides athletes a chance to showcase their physical abilities through a complete testing battery where successful competitors can earn the opportunity to move on to a Regional Qualifier. From there athletes have a chance to receive funding to assist with training costs in the hopes of becoming a future Olympian. Interns and Lead Coaches from the Brock Sports Performance Centre assisted in conducting the performance testing which included vertical jump (power), isometric mid-thigh pull (strength), 40m sprint (speed), and a multistage shuttle run (endurance).

    RBC Training Ground will continue to play a pivotal role in the development of next generation athletes across Canada. Brock Sports Performance is proud to partner with RBC Training Ground and looks forward to continue hosting the high performance event in the future.

    Thank you to all who participated, both athletes and staff!

    For Future RBC Training Ground event dates and information:

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  • OHL Draft Combine

    In March, Brock Sports Performance delivered it’s first ever  BSP OHL Combine Prep Camp. The goal of the camp was to prepare local Minor Midget AAA hockey players for the off-ice performance assessments they would be exposed to at the 2018 OHL Combine in Mississauga, ON at the end of March. The OHL Combine consisted of an extensive battery of fitness tests to challenge all aspects of speed, agility, strength, power, and endurance. Some of these tests were: Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Chin  Ups, 5-10-5 Agility, Resisted Sprints, 30s Wingate, and more. The Combine also included a significant on ice portion where players had their speed, agility, and puck skills tested as well as games played against each other. General managers, coaches, and scouts from each OHL team were present for the entire weekend to assess potential players to select in the midget draft.

    The athletes participating in the BSP OHL Combine Prep Camp were introduced to all the tests and taught how to maximize their physical abilities in each one. They were also educated on strategies for nutrition, recovery, mindset, and attitude to excel in a high-pressure, high-intensity, and highly-competitive environment like a  two-day Combine.

    BSP would like to congratulate the participants of the Prep Camp and other BSP  athletes on their strong results at the Combine and being drafted to the OHL. Great work!

    “I’d like to thank you for your help in my preparation for the combine. I found your tips and tricks very useful and physically doing the drills before hand was a huge help. . . It was a great preparation day and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is participating in that combine.” – Ethan Sims

    Ethan Sims – Niagara Ice Dogs

    Dawson McKinney – Oshawa Generals

    Spencer Smith – Guelph Storm

    Michael Craig – Niagara Ice Dogs

    Robbie Stewart – Sudbury Wolves

    Matteo Costantini – Hamilton Bulldogs

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