Service Disruptions

Brock University Athletics & Recreation: Inclement weather procedure

Program participants are reminded to use their own best judgment in travelling to Brock in poor weather conditions. Please do not travel if local conditions are deemed unsafe regardless of whether Brock University has remained open.

In the absence of a communicated decision to close, the University remains open and all activities continue as planned. At all times, individuals should assess their personal safety in deciding whether to travel to Brock.

The University will close due to severe weather when normal operation would pose a significant danger to students, staff, faculty, and the community in attending classes or other activities.

If the University closes due to inclement weather, the Walker Sports Complex facilities will also close and all programs and practices scheduled for that day are cancelled.

University closures are announced by 7 a.m. on local radio stations, and messages are placed on the Brock home page at and the university’s main telephone line at 905‑688‑5550.

Please refer to the main Brock University home page for the quickest up-to-date information, rather than the swim club or Recreation Services web pages.

For swimmers who may already be on campus training in the morning when a closure decision is announced, participants may leave early to allow for a safe return home.

If the university should close part-way through the day due to deteriorating conditions, that decision is made by 3 p.m. Please refer to the Brock home page ( at that time for up-to-date information. If a decision is made to close at 3 p.m., all afternoon and evening practices are cancelled. Program participants will be notified by telephone and/or email as quickly as possible.

Recreation Services telephone: 905‑­688‑5550 x4060
Brock Niagara Aquatics office: 905‑688‑5550 x3244