Registration Information

We are Brock Niagara Aquatics—Niagara’s year-round competitive swim team. A new season begins each September with swimmers such as yourself who make up our team; so we would like to invite you to join us!

We are part of the overall Brock Recreation & Aquatics program and our swimmers encompass approximately 150 young people from across Niagara. The team has operated out of Brock University since the pool opened in 1981 and takes pride in the team tradition of producing swimmers to represent Canada while also providing basics for those who aspire to reach that level. Swimmers are grouped according to age and level, and there will be an appropriate group for you.

Registration for all competitive programming commences August 15th, 2023.

Olympic Way

For young swimmers ages 12 and under just starting out in competitive swimming with an interest in learning to swim for fun, fitness, or competition. Practices are twice per week in 8–10 week sessions throughout the school year; new sessions begin in September, January, and March. Swimmers do not attend competitions.

Visit the Olympic Way page for details and how to join.

Full-year competitive team

Swimmers (ages 7–24) with Olympic Way experience or a competitive background elsewhere, may be ready for the challenge of training and competing with a more advanced full-year squad as grouped by age and ability. Swimmers will normally spend one or more years with their training group working toward improving fitness and skills with regular training practices and competitions throughout the school year (September to July).

Swimmers entering full-year groups for the first time have a two-week trial period to ensure they enjoy what they are doing.

Any potential new competitive team members are asked to contact the office at 905‑688‑5550 x3244 or email

Visit the Competitive Team page for details and how to join.