Competition Schedule 2023-24

Draft schedule only. Invitational Competitions still to be added for all groups as required.

DateEventLocationGroupScratch FormsDetails
Oct 28-29Walker InvitationalBrockAll
Nov 10-12NYAC CupTPASCGold (qualifiers), Senior (qualifiers), Diamond,NYAC Cup Meet information Sheet"
Nov 24-26Nothers InvitationalLondonSilver, Gold, Senior, diamondNothers Scratch FormNothers meet information sheet
Dec 1-3Border City InvitationalWindsorSilver, Gold, SeniorBorder City Scratch FormBorder City Meet Information
Dec 14-17Ontario Junior InternationalScarborough TPASCQualifiers
Jan 14Brock SC InvitationalBrockAll
Jan 18- 21MAC Winter InvitationalMarkhamGold, Senior, Edge (13&over)Mac Winter invitational inforrmation
Jan 19-21David Lawson InvitationalIroquis Ridge Community centreSilver, Bronze, Edge (12&under)David Lawson Meet information
Feb 2-4Brantford Aquatic Club LC ChallengeBrantford Wayne Gretzky CentreAllBrantford LC Challenge Meet information
Feb 15-18Ontario Winter Youth-Junior ChampionshipsMarkhamQualifiers
Feb 17-18Ontario Winter FestivalEtobicoke OlympiumQualifiers
Feb 22-25WOSA Regional SC ChampionshipsLondonQualifiers
Feb 29-Mar 3Ontario Winter Swimming ChampionshipsScarborough TPASCQualifiers
Mar 21-24Eastern Canadian ChampionshipsTBAQualifiers
Apr 10-13Canadian TrialsCanada swim openQualifiers
April 19-21Ontario Masters ProvincialsEtobicoke Olympium
Apr 27-28Brock LC InvitationalBrockAll
May 10-12LAC Hollandia Spring InvitationalLondonAll
May 31st-June 2ndWOSA Regional LC ChampionshipsWindsorQualifiers
Jun 13-16Ontario Summer Youth-Junior ChampionshipsMarkhamQualifiers
Jun 14-16Ontario Summer FestivalEtobicoke OlympiumQualifiers
Jun 21-23BAD Outdoor LC invitationalAll
Jul 4-7Ontario Summer Swimming ChampionshipsScarborough TPASCQualifiers
July 24-30Canadian ChampionshipsScarborough TPASCQualifiers