Staring into the Sun opens at Rodman Hall

Staring into the Sun, an exhibit by Brock alumna Natalie Hunter (BA ’11), is now on view in Rodman Hall Art Centre's historic Hansen Gallery. Hunter, a Brock Visual Arts graduate, makes her return to Rodman Hall, where she once participated in the 4F06 program. Using light as a material in her photo-based sculptures and installations, Hunter explores the relationship between memory and physical space. For this body of work, she photographed windows in familiar rooms of her childhood home, revealing intimate interiors that frame views of the external world. Using vibrant colour filters in her process, Hunter layers multiple exposures taken minutes or hours apart, and prints on transparent and translucent films that she hangs, ripples and drapes to interact with architectural and ambient characteristics of the exhibition space. Luminous and transient, the viewer’s experience of the works shifts with subtle changes in light and environment. Alluding to enduring routines and the passage of time, these works, as Hunter describes, “touch on how traces of our interior, most private spaces linger in our minds long after we’ve left them behind.” Hunter will give a public talk about her work at Rodman Hall on Thursday, March 28 at 7 p.m. Her exhibit will be featured at the art centre until April 28.