International journalist offers interview tips to Spanish students

Students in SPAN 1F90 welcomed Julio César Rivas, foreign correspondent to Canada with Agencia EFE, to their class Wednesday, March 16. Rivas shared his tips and techniques for effective interviews in preparation for interviews students will be doing with native Spanish speakers as a class project. Rivas shared from his experience of more than 30 years as a journalist in the Americas and Europe, where he has covered events including the armed conflicts in Guatemala and El Salvador, the Zapatista uprising in Mexico, and a broad range of economic, social, political and cultural affairs. In addition to working for Agencia EFE, the largest Spanish language newswire service, Rivas is also the co-founder of Lattin magazine, an online news site dedicated to the Hispanic population in Canada. Rivas is pictured offering pointers to students Lisa Carvalho and Kayla Hoyos Lewis, who will be interviewing their grandmothers for the project. The class will be sharing their completed projects in a presentation April 6 and Rivas will work with a student to publish their work in Lattin.