OPINION: Shahryar Rahnamayan discusses Canada’s looming engineering skills gap

Associate Professor of Engineering and Chair of the Yousef Haj-Ahmad Department of Engineering Shahryar Rahnamayan wrote a piece recently published in the Hamilton Spectator about the need for Canada to act quickly in response to a looming skills gap in all engineering fields.

He writes:

“Roads and bridges. Power generation and water distribution. Food processing and microprocessing.

We don’t often stop to think about it, but so much of the critical infrastructure of modern life depends on the work of engineers.

March is National Engineering Month in Canada, so there’s no better time to highlight the impact engineers have on our everyday lives.

These creative, innovative, analytical thinkers are responsible for designing buildings that can withstand earthquakes, protecting the environment from pollutants and maintaining complex telecommunications systems, among many other things.

They’re also tackling some of the most complex challenges our world faces today, including adapting to a rapidly changing climate and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for societal good.”

Continue reading the full article on the Hamilton Spectator website.

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