Brock PCS launches AI programming for business professionals

Brock University Professional and Continuing Studies (Brock PCS) is launching two new workshops and a micro-credential designed to help professionals gain practical artificial intelligence (AI) skills and apply these tools in business environments.

Barb Mercer, Associate Director of Programming at Brock Professional and Continuing Studies, says the vast amount of information about AI can be daunting for professionals.

“Professionals need to understand how AI can benefit their operations,” she says. “The programming at Brock is designed to offer practical insights into AI, making it less mysterious and more accessible. The programming will help professionals grasp AI concepts in a straightforward manner, ultimately making AI easier for everyone to understand and utilize.”

The first of the two half-day workshops, C-Suite: What you need to know about AI for your business, is designed for business leaders and executives to gain a general understanding of AI tools and explore questions to consider at the executive level before integrating AI technologies into an organization.

Exploring large language models: Beyond ChatGPT, the second half-day workshop to be offered, will help learners identify practical ways to integrate large language models (LLMs) into work or creative projects along with ways to foster innovation and create efficiencies in their industries.

AI Essentials, a six-week micro-credential, will offer an in-depth learning opportunity for professionals who have limited knowledge of AI but are interested in using the technology for personal or professional purposes.

“I really hope we can cultivate a community that is not only well-versed in AI’s benefits and challenges, but also capable of leveraging knowledge to make a positive impact in their respective fields and in society at large,” says Assistant Professor of Computer Science Ali Emami, who has worked with Brock PCS to develop the workshops and micro-credential. “These initiatives are more than just educational offerings; they represent my call to action for responsible and innovative use of AI, with a strong focus on ethical awareness.”

The two four-hour workshops have their first online sessions on Wednesday, April 24 and Friday, May 3. The AI essentials micro-credential begins Monday, May 27 and will be offered online in a blended format with scheduled weekly online components and with asynchronous self-study times.

To learn more about Brock Professional and Continuing Studies AI workshops and micro-credential, visit the Brock PCS upcoming programming page.

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