New Brock student support program to focus on meaningful connections

Community connections are often made based on shared  interests, passions and goals. But, sometimes anxiety, internal or external pressures get in the way of engaging with others. To help students focus on what is meaningful to them and decrease feelings of loneliness, Brock’s Student Health and Wellness Centre (SWAC) HUB is launching Campus Connections on Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Link Workers, who are Brock graduate students, are trained to guide each student through an individualized Campus Connections journey.

“Campus Connections is an initiative based on the concept of social prescribing,” says Julie Fennell, SWAC Health Promotion Educator. “The idea is to focus on what kind of prescribed social engagement might help a student feel connected within a community of their choosing and what supports do they need to take this step.”

Equipped to offer a range of solutions, Link Workers will provide one-on-one support, discussing students’ concerns and helping them come up with plans to become connected in a way that is positive and feels safe.

“At Brock, we are surrounded by new people,” says Fennell. “We want students to embrace the chance to feel like they are a part of something and have all the resources they need for the best university experience possible.”

Link Workers are available by appointment to provide students with resources to help them navigate life at Brock, connect them to activities, clubs or volunteer opportunities, and even go with them to their first day of a club meeting.

For more information or to book an appointment with a Campus Connections Link Worker, visit the Brock SWAC website.

Visit the SWAC website for crisis resources anytime.

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