International Student Ambassador Award applications open for fall

The support Aryan Jhaveri received from International Student Ambassadors when he arrived at Brock from India was invaluable — and inspiring.

Experiencing first-hand the impact an ambassador can have in the life of an international student, he applied to be a part of Brock’s International Student Ambassador Award Program and has been helping to welcome new students to campus since last summer.

In addition to helping others, Jhaveri says his experience has been worthwhile for his personal growth. He encourages international students to consider applying to become an ambassador.

“It’s a lot of talking, a lot of helping my peers out with many of the same questions that I had coming in,” says Jhaveri. “I have gained useful skills like listening skills, some teamwork and definitely communication skills.”

Applications for the International Student Ambassador Award Program are now open for the 2024-25 academic year and will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 1. Up to 10 students will be selected as ambassadors, with each required to dedicate 80 hours to the role throughout the Fall and Winter Terms.

Ambassadors work closely with Brock International to promote events and support services with the goal of helping all students feel at home by engaging with international students looking to build connections and with domestic students interested in learning about other cultures.

In return, ambassadors are granted assistance towards the cost of studying in Canada, with selected students having their international tuition fees reduced to the domestic student rate.

Christina Bosilo, Director, Brock International, says the role of the student ambassador is vital to supporting new international students as they transition to Canada and Brock.

“Ambassadors play a critical role in fostering a sense of belonging and support within Brock’s international student community,” says Bosilo. “Their commitment to welcoming and assisting new students is essential in helping them feel valued and supported.”

Joana Xavier, a third-year Kinesiology student from Brazil, completed her secondary school education in Toronto through a student exchange program where she was also a student ambassador. Becoming an ambassador at Brock was a natural next step.

“It was always part of my dream to be an ambassador to other students because it’s a passion of mine to help people,” says Xavier, who appreciates how programs like this create opportunities to connect with people from different backgrounds.

“Coming from Latin America, we don’t have as much diversity as in Canada,” she says. “So obviously the ambassador program helps me learn and appreciate cultures different from mine.”

Jhaveri finds the connection ambassadors make with other students fascinating.

“It’s really interesting to see how somebody from France or Germany or really any other country has basically the same kinds of issues I did coming from India,” he says.

Visit the International Student Ambassadors Award program web page for more information or apply through Student Accounts and Financial Aid.

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