IN THE NEWS: A fitness centre grand opening, spotting computer-generated text and pet tourism

In recent media appearances, Brock experts discussed the opening of the Brock Functional Inclusive Training (Bfit) Centre, academics’ ability to identify computer-generated text, pet tourism, cold plunges, the factors that draw people to watch movies in the theatre and a performance about the experiences of people impacted by mild traumatic brain injuries.

Brock unveils new name, facility for inclusive training centre: The official opening of the Brock Functional Inclusive Training (Bfit) Centre was featured in an article from Academica as well as a piece from YourTV Niagara that included quotes from President Lesley Rigg and Bfit Director and Professor of Health Sciences Deborah O’Leary.

AI could accelerate scientific fraud as well as progress: Research from Assistant Professor of Educational Studies Rahul Kumar that discussed the ability of academics to spot computer-generated text was included in an article from The Economist.

Kitchener’s now officially a pet-friendly city. Could it be the next tourism hot spot for pet parents?: Professor of Geography and Tourism Studies David Fennell spoke to CBC about the rise in people wishing to travel with their pets and the impact that could have on municipalities that cater to them.

Cold plunging more popular than ever, boasting health and wellness benefits: Professor of Kinesiology Stephen Cheung spoke to CTV News about the impact a cold plunge could have on athletes and everyday individuals who partake in the practice.

The viewing habits of movie goers: Associate Professor of Communication, Popular Culture and Film Liz Clarke spoke to YourTV Niagara about the steps theatres are taking to draw people to go out to view movies instead of streaming them.

Brock University theatre students explore mild traumatic brain injury with new production: Lecturer of Performance and Directing in Dramatic Arts Mike Griffin was quoted in a Niagara This Week article that discussed an upcoming production by Brock students that will explore the experiences of people impacted by mild traumatic brain injuries.

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