Brock ITS shares tips for protecting sensitive information

Exercising awareness and good judgment is essential for safeguarding the data and security of any organization. Brock’s Information Technology Services (ITS) team is reminding students, faculty and staff to secure confidential information stored on devices and in print form.

Users are advised to avoid reusing passwords across multiple accounts or platforms and enable multi-factor authentication for enhanced security. Passwords should only be written down secure locations, not stuck to a desk or monitor, such as a reputable password management application.

Computers should be locked any time they are not in use. Users can also consider investing in anti-theft cables that can be attached to a laptop’s universal security slot and secured to a stationary object.

Printed documents containing sensitive data should always be retrieved immediately from printers,  stored securely in a drawer or cabinet and shredded rather than thrown in recycling or garbage bins.

Faculty and staff can review the Records Policy and records classification and retention schedule or contact Stephanie Reid, Records Coordinator, at to learn more about properly storing and disposing of documents that qualify as University records.

Finally, Brock community members are reminded to not hold the doors to secured areas open for strangers, even if it seems impolite, to ensure doors are fully closed when entering or leaving a secure area and to never give their security identification or pass to anyone.

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